“You did say, ‘GET a TURKEY’ for THANKSGIVING”

When you think about…  “THANKSGIVING”   – – and having guests over to share  a very nice dinner – – and to stay for even a  ‘second’ helping of  ‘TURKEY’  – – you will certain ally  need  the biggest and best TURKEY!

Can you  just hear…  Al asking – – “Is this one big enough”  or… “should I go back – – and see if I can find one larger?”

Lucky…  to say – – this one is just fine – – and with all of the other goodies that we will be making – – just hope  that everyone will have plenty of room for the extra side dishes  – – that we are  preparing?

Just had a thought that I have to pass on… Years ago when I would have my  MOTHER and her sister… our AUNT Irene over  for THANKSGIVING – – everything had to be just  “so-so”  as she was the expert in the FAMILY – – when it came to getting together and fixing a big meal. I do have to give  “AUNT IRENE”  credit for teaching me a lot of her own  ‘cooking’ preparation and purchasing of all that would be needed – – for just such an occasion – – and so on one of our “Thanksgiving Dinners” had to ask her  – – “What is your favorite     part of  the TURKEY” – – ???

Everybody has a preferred part of the  ‘ole BIRD”  – –  and when we would be eating  – – I never paid any attention to the  part… THAT SHE WOULD SELECT AND  PUT ON  HER PLATE – – who does that??? Everyone is busy talking and eating – – going back for seconds – – and what they eat – – who knows? 

You will not believe what our “Aunt Irene” said was her favorite part  of the “TURKEY” – – Aunt Irene said… “I like the part that goes over the fence… last!” Well… when that registered in my brain – – and I guess everyone else… we all  – – almost died laughing. From that point on – – all of us were talking about the part of the TURKEY  that we like to eat … and  WHY – – and as I remember – – no one else even thought of that part as being good – – but when Aunt Irene finished telling us   – – all of the  “WHY and WHEREFORES”  – – it may have changed some on the parts we eat and why – – but she did not convince me…  that… that…  was the best part of the TURKEY!

So… for this…  THANKSGIVING… if you find that there is not enough “chit-chat”   going on at your  DINNER TABLE – – just throw that question out – – and see what the response is and if you learn anything  NEW – – about those that are sitting at your table – – and find more good things out about everyone – – that will make memories – – that will last forever.

After all…the reason for these special  “HOLIDAYS’  – – is to be “THANKFUL” for all of our  LOVED ONES…. to be gathered  – – to remember all of the past good times – – and to make more of the “BEST OF MEMORIES”  – – memories that all at our table will  be passing on – – and each time they remember – – will only have the best of thoughts on the occasion – – and always want to  be  close  to those … that they LOVE and will remember throughout the years to come!

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