“A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”

Just have to post this series of pictures … for all of those, that will be celebrating their  BIG “BIRTHDAYS” in this  very special month of SEPTEMBER  in the year of 2022!

First of all … someone does have to do all of the planning of this very  special occasion… the … BIRTHDAY PARTY…

Must have a list of the guests… you know all the family and special friends that like  and do enjoy a special party …

 A party that will have… just the best of  “BIRTHDAY CAKES” and some very  delicious  “Ice Cream” … because we all know, that  in every family that there is always a  “someone”  that just lives on cake and ice cream … and that person will usually sneak some seconds… when no one is looking and  also when the  “coast” is clear… for them to just help themselves… “you know who”… right on!

“Okay… the candles are nicely placed  on the top of the  cake … and it looks like we just  may have to call the “Fire Department” … we are getting  entirely too much smoke  and fire …by putting  such  a great number  of candles  on that most delicious  cake, too much fire  can really cause problems  sitting on the top of a very delicious Birthday Cake!


Start singing NOW… we want everybody to hear all of us… all the way down on “GRAND AVENUE”     as we all know who lives down there… and hope he can come over for the party!


“Hurry up… and start to blow out all of those candles… we do not  like to eat  melted candle on the wonderfully made cake!”

Just in case … we need a little help with the “Birthday” song… just had to add some expert help … a little of that most famous of songs with singers to help make us all sound like we know how to sing along! 

“Just terrific… if…  I say so myself!”

“Almost looks like… we will have to all give  of some of our “WIND”… we need to get in and help put that big “FIRE” out… and save the “CAKE” … before we end up  calling  the “Fire Department!”

“You know…  that the “FIRE DEPARTMENT”   will want to take the whole cake for themselves… only because they saved it… from burning up!”



This is the best part of the “Birthday PARTY”… now we can get some  of delicious Ice Cream and Birthday cake, and  then… we can now… just sit back and watch the  “BIRTHDAY PERSON” start working … opening up all of the wonderful gifts and cards … and making stacks of all those goodies… and somewhere along the way,  try to remember whose card goes with what gift… because this part of the party… lets you know just exactly how old you have just become!

It just came to me … that I just have to make one more remark about “Birthday Parties”.

By our having a “Birthday Party” every year… we are making  sure that we are getting older… just like regular old clock work!

So… what if we were to skip this yearly “Birthday Party”  stuff … and just live LIFE without getting older… because,  if  we stop counting up years as they go by… we could always be just so young and nice looking … for our very good and young age… maybe we could just  live forever and a day longer than the next guy!

“What’s the good word on that?”


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  • Jaime Cardwell says:

    The key to staying young forever! I love this & love all these pictures of Dad!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Alan says:

      Hi grammy! Great post as always! I love these pictures of Dad. I had a great time yesterday at Jill’s birthday party! Love you!

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