“ARE… WE ever having…FUN…”


This is a terrific  PHOTO… since it was taken  by the youngest…our little Jaime – – and it… just is  so good…in that we are laughing and our faces…all look so good!  Some times….when everybody is having too much FUN… and LAUGHING so hard…sometimes the camera catches one or the other with a face – – one that  – oh well… who in the world would want to post a photo  – – with a FAMILY member just plain looking ridiculous???

Talking about “RIDICULOUS” – – that is   “ME” …with one of the girls’   – – inflated swimming pool “LIFE  SAVING” monsters.  Since they had  this “MONSTER” visibly    sitting around – – well… you know “ME” – I will do and or say something… that will cause everyone to think –  “GRANDMA must have loss a noodle or two – – but no one will say anything – – because the name of the “GAME of  LIFE” is to keep everyone laughing and having lots of FUN!”


We are… still having lots of FUN  – – and the LAUGHTER is still so   strong – – as you can see… and – – NOW  – – Jill is taking this perfect  PHOTO – as each of  us  takes a chance with the camera – trying to get good PHOTOS – – with memories… “Memories that will last forever” – – since we have the PHOTO – –  to remind us …and in looking at these PHOTOS – – I’ll bet that each of us will say  – – “LET’S   DO   IT   AGAIN!”

OLD   “RIDICULOUS”  – is still doing her “thing”   with the “MONSTER – LIFE  SAVER” – as long as we all like it  – – and make jokes about it  – – looks like the  FUN  will last …  continuing   all  night!

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Some of my very favorite ANGELS… Which of these ANGELS…do you know??”

There is always a STORY…sometimes we do not get to hear the whole STORY…but after a TIME…we sometimes get to hear…The Rest of the STORY!

How often do you hear…that someone is born on their Mother or Father’s   Birth-date…which ends up always being a very special day…and a Day  to truly CELEBRATE forever! Since we are all  pre-destined to be born at and in  a certain TIME …all having been arranged before everything and any other thing…with TIME SPAMS  …so vast and long …between centuries… that we should marvel at the event. It is a MIRACLE…above all of the evidence.

So…looking at the PHOTOS above …of our ANGELS…this is the STORY…that I was allowed to hear about.

Way back in TIME…as the different ANGELS were getting in the LINE-UP of when their TIME would be…to enter upon the STAGE of EARTH – – – looks like my son Al…saw that he would be… one of my SONS…and then… looking as far as he was allowed … into the FUTURE of his TIME and DESTINY…AL saw that he would be having a  DAUGHTER …within HOURS of his own BIRTH DATE.

One of the important things that we are all  told…is that if we do not understand something…ASK and you will receive… an ANSWER. So…that is what Al did.   Al found out… that there are certain    important   ANGELS…that are  also  called “Messengers” – like GABRIEL and MICHAEL and several others. With that information…Al checked out to find that by asking…that he would be able to receive his request.

Instead of Al being delivered at eleven o’clock on the eighth of January and getting his MOTHER to co-operate by being in LABOR  a little longer…till twelve-fifty-eight in the morning …Al  would have a BIRTH-DATE on the Ninth of January. 

Everything is just HUNKY-DORY…no one knows that … for sure…that  which  will happen… nothing really for sure…that is until it does!!!

Isn’t it just wonderful…Al’s  daughter,   ALYSSA…took her TIME …   but… she did decide… at almost the very last moment …to be delivered on the NINTH of JANUARY…and that  has made Al…a very HAPPY and PROUD to be DADDY!   DV


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Look..what I just found in an old box???

Sure is good that “GRANDMAS”  save the  most precious stuff …that they receive in the  “First Class Mail”  – — – I have to say that ..that way…because you did  put too MUCH money in stamps…in the   amount  of  POSTAGE…that you sooooo nicely put on the envelope!

It is the    “pits”   – – when you are an old “tight wad”  like me…because I just hate to see too much  being wasted – – when it is not necessary.  Guess that is because …when I was a very young girl…growing up during the  WWII…and everyone had to learn to do without…make due with what ever you could come up with…or even better yet…just learn to do without…since we have to give everything to the WAR effort – – If you were a good AMERICAN…and wanted AMERICA to WIN!

Well…let’s see if … any one of  you…can guess the  OCCASION     ..maybe even the DATE?  For extra credit can anyone remember the address…that   this cad was  SENT TO… and for even more “brownie points”  what is and or names in  the  RETURN TO SENDER ADDRESS???

And…for the  “SIXTY-FOUR THOUSAND  of SOMETHING   $$$$$$$$   QUESTION” was there something… if anything… written on the back of the envelope…and if there was… something written…would anyone be able to come up with “total recall”…what would you  say…even a good guess???

Well…that question just might wipe out the BANK of STUFF… BUT…since there is plenty of STUFF here…and you can have your pick…and  you can share…since …we can all… laugh  and  just so everyone knows…”LAUGHTER  is BEST…MEDICINE!”

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If you do not fix a “BIRD”…

“We are pen  “24/7” and just across the street from
Broward General Hospital”

Work 001

We  are always open  and ready to serve you and your family  and or friends for  we give to you the best of service  and have two other  restaurant  businesses – as each is different  – for variety is the spice of LIFE!

Serve anytime …every day…and we have  happy people who just  LOVE to TALK  and  offering  –  just a little “Southern Hospitality!”


“You could be in LUCK…just talk –  nice –  to the BOSS… and he will personally serve you…the best meal ever!”

“The Door on the far left –  is for inside dining –  and they also serve drink –  to those who can show  the proper identification!”

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“Happy Thanksgiving…to all!”


Just imagine this table full of FAMILY and FRIENDS and another table just as long and with … more FAMILY and FRIENDS…

Today was  the beginning of the “THANKSGIVING”  celebrations… when you have two “GRANDMAS” and a  Great GRANDMA siting at the same table…you know that there are  FIVE GENERATIONS  sitting around the tables…celebrating and giving THANKS… for just being in this very special FAMILY…and all with so much to tell each other of what they have been doing…and then what they are expecting to be doing in the NEW YEAR 2016 – – and that is only if the   ALMIGHTY CREATOR  has decided …to close this door and open up a new window …for our  new and well thought …earthly plans???

So…this week …depending on who will be able to travel to   nearby and  surrounding Cities and Towns – – there is always  some special extended FAMILIES and FRIENDS…that we need to visit and let them know…that we all are sending our LOVE…as they are always in our thoughts and PRAYERS – and we want to be able to do the best thing that we can –    and that requires that some of us do some traveling from City to Town!

This month and next month are when FAMILIES  remember what means the most to their survival…from a child and as they grew up – – HOLIDAYS  –  were when you would remember …hearing… – we must visit… the   OLD HOMESTEAD – – must remember our HERITAGE – and renew our FAMILY bonds – – as we also… all heard at least a   hundred and one times…”Blood is thicker than Water” – – so what ever you are thinking about doing…remember your FAMILY…and start NOW!


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“Everyone has – FEES… My FEE Chart…”


Just noticed on the calendar… this week –  – is the week to celebrate the  “DUMB Question” – – and so … I figure with all the  DUMB questions – that I receive – – may as well display my “FEE CHART” – – just so …that when you get a DUMB LOOK  –  back at you – you will know that this is  the result coming  from – – my official PRICE LIST – – that I have posted – – for all to see and read – – when they enter  – – into my office!

My “PRICE LIST” is at least  – forty years old (40) – – and that is only a wild guess – so you know that it is old… as you can see by the color.  Also… those prices are so cheap – where in the world can you go and receive correct answers for only  $2.15 – –   –  If you want good and correct information – – well – everybody is charging you an arm and a leg! No more …el cheapo info…

So… what I thought that I would do…is to wait and let some answers come in – letting me know… what new and higher prices should I put on “MY PRICE LIST” – – since everyone is charging so much more…  for the same old stuff you purchased years ago – – and today you are receiving half the size and less in the bottles – – did you notice… that the bottles have a new design – a nice high  arch inside the bottom of the bottle – it looks the same size as before – – but today it has  HALF as much and the price is also  HIGHER!

“PACKAGE DESIGNERS” have a terrific job today…  It is called  “Deceiving the PUBLIC” –  – Everything that is being sold is the same old thing  – nothing new.  The requirements for this “JOB” – is to make  the package  to look like the old –  FULL SIZE  of years ago –  – but make the contents half  as much…and put that in this package that is now… more valuable the the actual  contents.

It is really a CRIME – the way that the PUBLIC is being cheated at any store – – in AMERICA. Either the general PUBLIC is all unaware of the changes in the packaging – and are all MILLIONAIRES – – or everyone shopping is on FOOD STAMPS –  – and the  PRICE on anything  – – has no bearing at all – in relation to all of us being OVER-CHARGED!

How do we get AMERICA – to wake up – smell the ROSES – and find out that –  today –  that you can not afford to buy anything  –   – Those “FAKE SALES” – – advertising …buy one get one free – – does anyone do the MATH???  There is  “NO FREE LUNCH” – not anywhere – at all!

“My “DUMB LOOKS” – – are still FREE! –  – Let me know how you like them???


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