“Sunset Cat” gets “Name” Change!

t’s the Pits – when small animals – members of a family, are dropped off in the Sunset Park – due to the financial situation in America!

There is one cat, which I call the “Sunset Cat” – she usually stops by around 5:00 P.M. early evening. Usually I have a bag of cat food and a can or two of cat food for the drop-by visitor. When I put a bowl of food out for her – what she does not eat someone else comes by and the dish is always clean by morning time.

Feeding was going along smoothly, and then I ran out of the dry food. When I was giving her the last of the dry food, I was telling her that I need to get more. I’m talking to the cat as if she could really understand a word of what I’m saying. Generally, the most I say is, “Meow? Meow? Meow?”This cat does not even bother to give a “MEOW” back to me? She does a lot of looking and face expression – that give me a clue as what she is thinking of me.

So I bought some “CAT FOOD” that was on sale! Bad mistake of my part! I open up the bag and put it in my plastic container to keep it fresh for whichever of the cats that may stop by? I figure they would like it as “fresh” as possible. Even though they are “free loaders” – I want them to like what they get – FREE!  I see her on the porch on the top rail – looking for me – so I hurry for a dish and put some food in it for her. I rush out the door and give her the dish of food. She put her head down and gets a whiff of the new food – looks like she is going to eat – backs up and looks at me, with a look “that would kill!”

Did you ever see a look of disgust on the face of a cat? I start talking to her – telling her it is fresh – she lets me know by backing up – turning around and down the steps – slowly away to the far end of the yard and over the fence to “Sunset Park” and down the road. I am “MEOWING” and talking and she just will not come back!

A couple days later, she comes back – the same routine – I leave the dish outside and by morning – someone clean it up? One more time – and I am tired of her being so FINICKY” – it’s time to try something else? I get some cans of cat food –the first one I give her is “Salmon Cat Food” – she dug in  and enjoyed herself so we – she was here early the next morning for more! For a week the “Sunset Cat” was in heaven!

Now all the salmon can food is gone and I open up a can of “WHITE FISH” can food – You would think I was giving her “POISON” – she could smell that is was not salmon  – gives me a “DIRTY LOOK” and make a bee line to the steps and away she goes.

My son, Al picked up a couple of bags of Salmon Treats – “Friskies by Purina” – and said to see if she likes these? Well, now I have something she might like – but, she is not coming to see me. I’m guessing she thinks she will teach me a lesson –“If you want to see me the ‘Sunset Cat’ – you need to give me what I like!” So, after about a week of not seeing Miss Sunset Cat – surprise she shows up! I hurry- my fastest to wait on the “QUEEN” – she likes the new treats – so her new name is –Miss Finicky of Sunset Park!”


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