“Happy Birthday Grandma Louise”


You can see at the bottom of this photo the date  – January 1962 –  and that is when I was born – they call me “Big Al!” My Grandma LuLu is holding me – and she has a very big smile on her face . She is all dressed up  – just because she is staying with us  – for a few months – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. – Everybody likes to come to Florida – and stay with us – we always have “FUN” and places to go – for entertainment   – and the best part is the  “FOOD” – from one of my Dad’s restaurants – oh –  my MOM is the best at baking whatever kind of pie or cake – ’cause she likes cake and makes the tallest and best cakes.   Since,  Grandma LuLu  has a birthday today – I bet we are in for a big   “BIRTHDAY CAKE ” and “Ice Cream” –  – – It’s a good day to party!

Today  is May 31st, 2014  –  “Happy Birthday”  Louise Vosmeyer Aldrich Stanley    – from all of us who are still here  –  –  and  all your children who are there celebrating with you  – Harry, Ruth, Gert, Elsa, Clarence, Al,  Lee,  Florence,  Ralph  and all the long list of extended members  of the family — too many to remember!   Love and Almighty God’s blessings,  to you  – forever!

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