“Call Mother Today!”

It’s not too late to call “Mother” today!  Almost seems like a hundred years ago when I worked at good old  “Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.”   Today, Mother’s Day was the #1  day for all telephones  being used to call  the best person on the earth, your Mother!

When I was working  back then as a “telephone operator”  – the best way to make the most money  would be to work for someone who just had to have “Mother’s Day” off, especially if  YOU  had already worked  the previous two  “Sundays.”  Three “Sundays” worked in a row , and your would received three times  your pay rate for that day. Not a bad paycheck to take home that week!

So, if you are mot going to be with your “MOM” today   –   CALL!  Also, if your  “Grandma” is still here  on   earth, don’t let the day  end ,   “Grandma” will really appreciate that call from you. Calls to  your  “Grandma”  are worth more than a million dollars to her!     And God will bless you!

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  • Mary Ellen says:

    “September is MOM’s Birthday month…have to remember her this month with Blessings of our Almighty Creator…now and forever more” xoxoxo

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