“Happy 59th Wedding Anniversary to Mr. Wonderful and The Saint

When someone will decide to take a quick Photo

of a very Happy Couple…

how often do you ever get a terrific Photo

like this one?

Over “50” years and they still have a very big and happy smile for the camera!

So it just came to me, that  the secret to this happy LIFE is in the song, that I have heard and have here for everyone …  and just so that…  that … they also will  be  as HAPPY  and their  “LIFE will be as that Dream…”  that they always wanted it to be!

“Like they say…Life could be a DREAM… again”


All “DREAMS” start on a good strong foundation… one that requires long hours of working together… as you see  below…

… fork in hand, Tom with help of Rose, will put in long hours planting and planting… until , they have the best of flowers and millions of people that would like … that which they have been able to do… for all of these many years!

img021 Tom  and Rose McClarren – members of the master-gardening program of  Missouri Botanical  Garden – they have the backyard in bloom – and tours of visitors to view  with… ohs’ and ahs’.

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    Mary Ellen thanks for the great story. I love you pictures and writing. You are truly a gift to all of us.
    God Bless you, Rosie

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