“Remembering some older EASTER Celebrations”


Easter Baskets for the Boys!


The story with this picture is… We, Lucky Boy Drive-In…

sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt, for our employees, families, friends.

 We had games and lots of fun for the children. My son, Al with the full basket –  too heavy to hold…  had the basket  that is in his  big brother, Lee’s hand, and with  hardly anything in it.

Lee saw that his little brother was sad because he had a hard time finding eggs,  with some bigger and faster kids  all in a hurry to find the “golden egg”  for “First Prize.” 

Al did not collect many eggs,  but when his big brother Lee gave him  his basket…  Al was on top of the world!

Wishing everyone a “HAPPY EASTER”

These  next pictures are many years later… as these are Al’ s daughters… celebrating EASTER.


Alyssa and Jaime Aldrich are wishing all of their extra special friends a very “HAPPY EASTER!” 

Looks like Alyssa is so busy trying to  open something very  carefully and can not be disturbed for a photo,  right now? 

But, Jaime is so sweet,  she has something she found in her basket and  the look in her face…  it seems to say, “Would you like to taste some of these wonderful candies… that,  I just received from the BIG BUNNY?”


Food For Thought:

All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen!”

by, Ralph Waldo Emerson

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