“Share Your LOVE with a Fine Meal”

Sometime ago, seems now to me, to be a good many years ago… that I heard… that there is one time a day that we should share our LOVE with our Family… and that “time” is, when we are sharing our meals together!


So… always liking to cook good foods that I like and know that others will enjoy, too… figured out,  that foods that are made from scratch take time and will taste better  being enjoyed by all of those that are invited to share in this gathering… if and when you , the preparer is enjoying this preparation time and enjoying using only the best of ingredients.

When the Grandchildren were much younger… and staying  with me, overnight up at the Airport… I was up very early and  started something different… the  making of pancakes which will serve many  and  will have some extra for guests coming in later… and this recipe  I was using … I did need to increase and added some extras… as I will do with some recipes… extra time was also needed… when making  from scratch.

This recipe that I follow is one that I still use with all of  my corrections in  new amounts, as I change amounts from time to time and adding something new sometimes… makes all the difference in the world, when your guests are enjoying that which you prepared… just for them!

The Grandchildren  just enjoyed and LOVED their breakfast …they just  sang out how  absolutely terrific this was  and were asking about my secret ingredient… and so you will find out , too!


When the grandchildren came to stay overnight with me, I would always have their favorite  foods…  for all their meals.

On this particular  morning, bright and early, I was making a bigger batch of pancakes.

The kitchen was like a restaurant with delicious smells inviting everyone to come in and enjoy. The pancakes made a real hit with the grandkids, asking what made them so good?

My reply was ,  “I have a secret ingredient,  like all good cooks!”

One started looking in the spice rack, and another in the pantry, and the searching begam to be a very serious search for the item, that makes pancakes taste so good.

When children are young and looking for something so special, an intangible item a substance to see AND or feel,  you know THAT   they are looking for the truth.

So, I took them to the kitchen, for an inspection of the evidence, finding nothing visible, had to leave…  the cat out of the bag.

“Everything I do for You, I add Love.”

That made their day.

Now  some twenty plus years later, I  will still hear, “Grandma put Love in this for us!”

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