“Three Extra Special Wishes…Darlene!”

“Your Birthday starts with some fun celebrating  today…  just before the Birth Date “30th”… and  then… you should follow up with more  BIG TIME celebrating  for a whole week”

“Three Extra Special Wishes…Darlene!”


This is the “BIG DAY” for DARLENE  and since you love little   bundles of Sweetness and  JOY, we are sending these  three sweet little “sisters” and each has a special  WISH …  just for you,  DARLENE …  just for your extra special   “BIRTHDAY!”

The first special WISH… is for lots of HAPPINESS, in all that you do and for as long as you live!    NOW,   for an extra  special WISH… for  all the best  of  GOOD HEALTH,  that is for real good and HEALTHY HEALTH… today…  tomorrow, and forever,  because without good health,  how can  you enjoy all  of these sweet little “KITTIES” and all of the LOVE … that they will bring especially  and  just for you!

There is an extra special wish  and   it is the best of all!  

Each  little “KITTY” will bring  just a little more  LOVE  than the bundle of LOVE  of that precious  little  “KITTY”  and this is  because each “KITTY” will always  be giving to you so much LOVE  making this so  extra special to that “KITTY”  and as each “KITTY” has their  very own unique amount of LOVE,  that when you combine them, these three little LOVES  being in your LIFE,    will …  ALWAYS   FEEL LIKE A “MILLION!”



“Hey… MOM, you know…  that all of us… the  inside kittens … are always here for you, too!”  – Just so you know…

 “We  all have clean “mittens” … and we all … are ready for some of that  “APPLE PIE”  –  that we all know … that you like and  are  making… so that you can  share with us… especially  on your  “big day” …  your BIRTHDAY!”



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