“So It’s Fudge Day”

Just thinking about “Fudge” reminds  of the days in the mid 1940’s and how we were doing our part for the “War” effort.

My Dad had already put in his six years in the Army, but never  ever forgot friends that were still serving and  also … that there  was one  thing that they all  would like to receive…  “CANDY!”

And “FUDGE” was on the top of the list!

My two brothers and I would sit around the Kitchen table… all  ready and watching what  was taking place.

Daddy was in  full charge of the “CANDY” making process and we were there to help… as taster’s.  We would wait till he would test  a small amount of the fudge process … by dropping a small drop in a cup of  cold water to be sure, that  it was at the correct temperature… and each of those drops were for us to enjoy…  and  then… till we would get another turn.

During those “WAR” years… we had “Ration coupons”  for many things and sugar was one of those items… so  most of our “Sugar” was given to the making of the candy and now,  that I think about it… we did not miss that sugar that was needed for a much  better gift… “a gift to our Service men and women.”

The other candy was  “Divinity”  which was something that the three of us kids got our fair share of testing, and also a few good samples  as the evening would take lots of time for the whole process.

Divinity would need all flat surfaces cleared and sheets of wax paper laid out just so. 

This needed to be packed carefully so as not ending up … with the candy all crushed together… and that was the  extra special job that my DAD would do, himself.

As the oldest… I remember that our house  almost would look like a store, with candy sitting all around… and then came that special packaging of each and every box …  and  then several boxes packed together and addressed to a location and other boxes to another address… all locations that my DAD knew,  who would receive these boxes and  distribute to the  SERVICE MEN and WOMEN.

We… the  extra special helpers would get tired and were put to bed… but the most important memory for me,  was… as I was falling to sleep… after having tasted some of that good tasting candy… and  then… would start drifting off into a  “DREAM” land…  still the sweet smell of all of  that candy,  being made and prepared for the Service people… it was like the sweetest “LAND”  of all the Lands that you would ever want  to drift into… and we had  just had the sweetest of dreams… for so many evenings following… as the house retained all of that sweet candy making! 

Always and forever  we will remember those “Candy Making Evenings” seems that we had more enjoyable times and we did not have television and all of the things that kids have today… and those good memories are what LIFE is all about!

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