“Before You Know it…My Birthday Party”

                “You’d be scratching your head, too???”


“Something very important is coming up soon?”  –

…  and “I’m trying my hardest to remember what it is?” 

“I was hoping that someone – would give me a clue?” 

“You know when you are a “LITTLE KID”  like me…

… it is very difficult to remember everything?”

“Can you give me a “DATE”  …. or even how many “DAYS” more… 

… that I will  need to wait?”

“Will there be surprises…  for me?”  

“How about games and fun  – and will all my “FRIENDS” … be  invited?”

“If I guess right … is there an extra surprise for …  Me?” 

  “Will you be making a cake …. and have ice-cream…  too?”

“I guess   –  that it will be    –   MY BIRTHDAY!” 



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