“Daddy’s Birthday is coming up real SOON”


“This is a very old and well worn PHOTO of my “DAD”  –  Denny H. McClarren Sr. –  this PHOTO was still in his wallet – when he passed away –  so it did get lots of wear and tear – “Daddy”  was stationed in the  PHILIPPINES” –  and he did sign up for three… two-year terms, and in his last sign-up  term… was injured… and sent home.”

and … this  next photo that…  I am taking,  getting directions coming from “DADDY” …  as I,  just may be  all of   “Nine Years old!


This PHOTO  is  MOM –  TOMMY  – DENNY Jr. and  our DAD, Denny, Sr.,  and…  “DADDY”  on the Pavilion –  with  one foot on the bench, leaning forward…

 ” Daddy is  giving me, some directions on how to take this PHOTO…”

Still it is not as clear  as one would want it, but the memory is with us forever,  and this visual  is just a reminder, this was a “VISITING  SUNDAY” at  SAINT  VINCENT’s.”

Looking at this PHOTO… I see a couple of faces of some of the other children… sitting on the bench where we are enjoying the “VISIT” with our “PARENTS”.

My Mom and Dad also enjoyed the  other kids as they often had extra  of the food that they brought for us… and the kids enjoyed talking with them…and would just hang out with us… as sometimes my DAD would also  bring “Watermelon” to be shared with our friends.

We always enjoyed sitting at the long tables on the Pavilion…and with the long benches… some of  the other  children, who never had Visitors… would like to talk with our Parents and have some FUN… on a  Visiting Sunday!

“Happy Birthday DADDY… it will be here, in just two days!”

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