“Swinging in the VERY GOOD ole 1940’s

On the swing and seated is “Patsy Counts” and standing on the swing behind “Patsy” is “Gail Porter”… both real good friends!

This is not the best of PHOTOS – it is doubled exposed and old, maybe  late 1940’s.

When you have a Camera and learning to use it…  it is a real shame not to be able to use it correctly.

But… “Gail and Patsy”  were just so happy,  for me to take their picture – as I was  just LUCKY to have a  new camera and some film – but,  not very well informed as to the – correct,  know-how to take  “GOOD” PHOTOS!

It was on these same  swings, one nice and warm day of the week,  and I was sitting on one of these swings, when a “Famous Barr” truck was coming into the side entrance of this  “ORPHANAGE” to make a delivery at the receiving door – right there at the “KITCHEN” and in “eye shot” and “hearing” of me, swinging – and immediately – “bells and whistles” went off in my brain!

On the last “Visiting Sunday”  when my MOM came to visit us,  I was asking her,  if she would get for me, a record player, so that I could listen to all of the records we had at home.

  We had in the basement of our HOME, maybe two or three bushel baskets of long playing records, and I felt that at least,  we could play them  at the Orphanage and  we girls could even dance to the music.

Knowing that my Mother did shop at the “Famous Barr Store” downtown, Saint Louis – I jumped off the swing and went close to the truck – to see and hear better – as they were having the “NUNS” sign for the package that they were delivering for “ME” – and of course they would not give to me – said that, they had to take it to my teacher, “Sister Florence” and that she would let me know when and what and  that I should wait – till she gets in touch with me?

The next day, I was informed that when the next “Visiting SUNDAY” came around that I was to inform my “MOTHER” that I could not have the “Record Player” … that she had sent out, because it would get broken by some of the kids – and or that most of the “records” would be broken and or destroy – and there would be too many broken pieces of records all over!

“So the “FAMOUS BARR” truck came out another day to pick up the “record player” and when I got to see my MOTHER on a later  “Visiting Sunday” – had to try to talk my MOTHER into buying me a “radio”… one  that could be used with the electric and also have a battery pack.

The reason for this… if I were in the “ORPHANAGE” in an area where there was no electric outlet available?

It is the “Pitts” when you have to almost beg for something, that you think would be nice to have – and of course, no one else had any such thing.

I am  most Grateful and Thankful – that my MOTHER did bring  with her on another “Visiting Sunday”…  just the very best radio which I used and vaguely remember finding a PHOTO of it – which I can not find now, but when I do,  will  add it here!

“Had it for years and always so able to use it  –  with  electric or not!”


“Just Lucky  for “ME” to  remember where this was posted!” 

“WHO said, that “PRAYERS”  are not answered?”

The  very next “VISITING SUNDAY”  there my MOM is, walking in with a “brand new portable radio,” just like this PHOTO –  as seen  below!

Sparton 6AM06

This “Sparton Radio” looks just like the one I had  back then.

It did take a couple of days  for me to recall the name. The one above,  looks as if…  it has been restored.

The one that I had,  I never had any  problems with,  and had for a good many years, even in moving  from place to place, no problems, but I  am guessing, “someone” must have liked it better than me,  and just  helped their selves to it.

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  • Alan says:

    You don’t see a lot of double exposures these days with everything being digital, but I think it makes for a cool effect! That made me sad that they wouldn’t let you have a record player, but I’m glad it worked out! a portable radio is more practical anyways. I know I cherished my radio growing up. I’m thankful you got me into music when I was young. I think I would be the same way. If I have to stay here at least give me some good tunes! LOL! Love you!

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