“To the BEST “A” Number One Mother”

“Happy Mother’s Day” to the “BEST!”

Denny 75 001

This picture of my MOTHER is the #1 –  “picture” of a thousand words!

It is said –  that a “picture”  is worth a “Thousand Words” – and if –  I ever saw a picture speaking a thousand words – this is the picture that  takes the prize!

This is 1939 – and my brother,  Denny Jr., was born on the 24th of  January – and with a three week stay in the hospital – for Mama and baby – this picture is  of us  three – in late February.

As you can see – I am the most concerned as only a big sister can be… – always have been on the mosey side – since I was born in September – and  as I hear … those that are born in September – seem to be on the highly critical side – that is –  and in my very own words, we want everything done –  “right” and done on  “time” –  and if not… we will speak up and let the whole  wide world know  – what is going on!

My MOTHER – was the 13th  and last child in her FAMILY – and the second  daughter  – 15 years younger than her older sister,  Irene Brady – and  in those days  – someone would be needed to take care of their elderly parents – and  since that was  not the program…   since there was no Government Programs as we NOW  have today… that will take care of the elderly so… in the “BRADY” family  that  was the plan for my MOTHER!

She was not allowed to take  on – any working position outside of the home.

She also was not allowed to get married – as there was someone she did want to marry – but  – her parents had other plans for her?

If you believe that which is written in Psalm 139 – then you can only give Thanks… for the results  – that is –  what my  “MOM’s” life was like  it was… and that  which followed  was  also to be in   her  destiny.

I have to say say “THANKS” to my “MOM”… since she did  follow the Plan that the Almighty had  in store for her  – including  all of us – I can only say that  –  I feel all  of the best of choices were predestined – to be  –   and that I am here having –  nothing to complain about!

  My “MOTHER” was the  very “BEST” choice for me  – I can only think  – that when everyone takes the time to really think about their LIFE – and assess their complete   situation – everyone will find that the “CREATOR of our LIVES” – did an excellent job!

“I miss you –   “MOM”  –  and know that you are now in a much  and far greater better  heavenly place  – than here – someday  soon, we will all be celebrating  together   – and we will then… be rejoicing   so much so – just to  be  –  in  that for greater and heavenly eternity .

So for and on this this “MOTHER”S DAY” that we are all celebrating here on Earth…. we are remembering   all of the great times that we all enjoyed, then and now today … just remembering the LOVE we shared with lots of FUN  living the good life together!

SO NOW and forever – I LOVE  “YOU” – MOM!”  –  that is  always  and for ever…more –  xoxoxoxoxo


Today  and all this  week is for remembering … MARIE BRADY – – this PHOTO is one that I  always liked – – but my MOTHER  did  not like – – she never said exactly why – –  and NOW … I never will  find out – –  so … if someone knows what I do not – – let me know??


When thinking back about some of the music that “MAMA” liked – – I have found that…  I have enjoyed as well.

In fact when my sons were taking music lessons –  – some of the songs that  we  LOVE – – my sons have also decided to learn to play on the piano – –  some MUSIC is on the difficult side to learn – – but with practice and determination to please the ones you LOVE – – by playing that which  they also did enjoy – – it helps and  makes for  much better  practice till perfection is reached.

To be able to hear – –  “Clair de Lune” – – for yourself… is worth a thousand words – –  of which…  I could not do the music justice… so listen and let me know what you think???


“Enjoy the Day”






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