“When BABY #2 Comes To Our Home”

Sometimes in LIFE… something happens  that no one will really pay any attention too, except someone…  with an eagle eye… like ME!


The above photo is a very beautiful picture, showing the LOVE and Concern of big sister “Alyssa” for her very new baby sister “Jaime”… which  is sitting in this swing set.

Both girls are looking at the camera… Mama must have said. ” look this way and smile!”

Little Alyssa is not taking any chances on that “smiling” thing, because as young as she is, she knows…  that this is a serious business job… taking care of her brand new little baby sister, “Jaime!”

Just looking at little Alyssa and how very serious that she seems to be… indicates to me that “Alyssa” is not going to do and or let anything be done, that could bring any harm to  this most wonderful gift, of a brand new little baby sister… that she is allowed to help Mama with all of the caring and attention, that is  now needed… around the clock!

The look of little “Alyssa’s” face is telling me, her personal thoughts are…

No one can hurt my  little baby sister while I am around, and there will be no moving this swing  in any kind  of  carelessness  type of  a move this way or that…  that just might make my  little baby sister “Jaime” fall and get hurt… not on my watch… nor while I’m around!

So NOW… let us check out and compare the above photo, with the next  photo…


Here I am… ME… and I have that very same face on me… as little “Alyssa” does on the above photo, and  if anybody  and or anything…  that is going on today…  while I am around to see and watch… must have my approval…

I think that I am in charge of all that is going on with my…  the NEW addition to our FAMILY…

I now have a little brother and his name is “Denny” and he belongs to ME!

Everything that my MOTHER is doing and or saying to my baby brother  “Denny,”  has my full attention…I am watching her hands and watching  Momma’s  every  little moves with those fingers, as she is tucking in the cover around  little Denny’s neck,  and it seems to ME that everything that “MOM” is doing is agreeing with ME and our brand new little baby “Denny.”


So…  I just have to post this other photo of “MOM and baby Denny, Jr.,” taken on the same day… as it could be the same day that they came home from the Hospital… a day late  in March.



Denny on DeSoto 001


Just have to let the whole wide world see how beautiful my MOM  was and even after having two  very large size babies, she still looks so tall and slim!

The important thought is…  with these two photos … that the first born child is so attentive and caring and always  watching out for their baby brother  and or sister,  and that nobody and nothing is  ever going to happen to the new baby in their family… not under their watchful eye!

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