“My Way, Getting Ready, for MY Birthday”

“Getting ready for my – “BIRTHDAY!”

Alan working 001

“No – “BODY” – has to tell  –  “ME” twice – to get ready for my “BIRTHDAY!”

Nothing like asking  some “BIG” person – who just might have an idea – just exactly when my “BIRTHDAY”  – will be here? 

“And the TEACHER” at this place said, “If I were you – I would start to make some  big “POSTERS” and hang them “ALL”  around the neighborhood – where you live !”  –

This is  something that I feel…  you … will  be able to  do… which will  also make you happy and you  and your friends will also be  having  lots of FUN!

You and all of your friends, will be showing others … that when you all work together on a project… that all of your little “FRIENDS” will be able to find your house – and they can tell their parents – who will be driving them over to your house – and .. just think and remember  that everyone, that is  “ALL” of your friends…  with their extra special presents for you – 

Will all be  coming to help you celebrate your  special birthday!

So just remember… that if they  “ALL”  will just look for all of your special POSTERS – they will soon be helping you to celebrate – this “BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY”  –  just –  for you – since this will be that special “ONE” … that will be a real big…  “HUM-DINGIER” !”

“As you can see – I am working just as fast as I can!”

 “MY  “TEACHER”  is giving me some real good ideas –  since she  also knows…  that I like to be creative with all of the stuff, that  I do…  

I am also designing a new type of game for all of my friends … to have FUN  – while we are waiting for the “CAKE and ICE CREAM”  –

This is such a good idea – I had better keep it under wraps – sure do not want someone to use my  very good “IDEA” – that is before my “BIG BIRTHDAY” gets here!”

P.S. – I sent out all the invitations that I made –

…. sure hope that – you got yours and  that you will be replying –  before the “DEAD” line???

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