“Remember to Take Your Fork with YOU”

“Always Keep a “FORK” in your hand!”

The other day as I was looking at this PHOTO – – – just started to remember an old story – – can not remember who told this story – – but it is important to always have a “FORK” in hand!


Only… if you are as old as  ME… that’s me… Mary Ellen in the blue and white dress – – and with a “FORK” in hand.

In the 1930’s and 1940’s there were large families – – you know Mothers stayed at home and the men were at the work place or even in the  care of  good old “UNCLE SAM” – – men were called up for service – – since there was always something going on … and AMERICA sent her young men  to settle the differences and at a high price to be paid.

More than half of today’s population does not know about the “Ration Books” that were issued to each member of a FAMILY – – and with out the sugar coupon – – you could not buy a bag of sugar. There were coupons  for so many things – – that a family might need – – but  – without that special coupon  … we sure did get the message to learn to do without.

So… for the story – – as I remember – – This older lady  was about ready to leave this world and she was giving instructions to her family… “what ever you do… be sure that this “FORK” that I have in my hand… is in my hand – – when you take me…  to the FUNERAL Parlor – – and  – –  just before they  start to lower my casket into the ground at the CEMETERY – – be sure this “FORK” is still in my hand.”

The “FAMILY” had no idea  as to why they should honor this request – – so one person just blurted out – -“Why do you have to have a “FORK” in your hand when you die and are put into the grave?”‘

“You just  do not know or do not remember – – but when our Church would have their weekly evening meal for  all of us in the   Church “HALL” where…  they would serve all of us large families – – since so many of us did not get enough to eat – –  we were told  “Be sure to keep your “FORK” in your hand…  otherwise you will not be able to eat – – as we do not have extra “FORKS” to hand out for  everyone in your FAMILY!”  “In fact they told us – –  just keep your “FORK” with you at all times – – you never know where you will be … and  if you have your “FORK”  you can eat  – – when ever something is offered to you!”

So… as the story goes – – this lady said that…  she  always had a “FORK” wrapped in a  napkin – – and took it with  her  and in her purse – – and said ,  “I want to be ready to eat at all times – –  where and when  I go  – Have my “FORK” in HAND!” And…  just so fast… her arm went up into the air…   singing out…”FORK IN HAND!”

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  • Alan says:

    I love this story Grammy! The way things are going we might see ration coupons come back! From now on I will have to remember…BYOF. Bring your own fork!

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