“Ready or NOT…MORE SNOW Coming Today”

“More SNOW coming this week…Be Ready!”


Dune Buggy 001

When it  “SNOWS” – what do you do???

Make sure the kids…and the BIG KIDS – bundle up in the warmest of warm wear –  and just  let them go.  

When they… have had enough – they will soon be in – and asking for some “HOT CHOCOLATE” – and sit  by  the warm FIRE PLACE – and tell you…  all about the FUN… that they  were  having, and also… that they were doing  some  fun and crazy things in their  new  SNOW-mobile .

They  were doing … what you call … ‘DO-NUTS’ …  and if you were inside, by that window looking out –  you could  also hear them  “yelling  to the highest of  heavens” –  that they were having so much FUN!

Well… with that most  terrific  SNOW fall last night…  all the kids that could… were now unloading  at SUNSET PARK.

 Parents were pulling some small kids up the hill on their sled – and lots of other children were getting ready for a very fast … fun full sled ride down… and yelling… just as loud  as young children  can yell… all the way  down.

Just letting the  whole  wide world  know… that they are having the most FUN… that is possible, when the SNOW hits EARTH… in all  of the  “just right places”… and,  just for our  Kids’ sake!

I think that their yelling,  “louder”… “than anyone else”…  means that …  they are just having so much more FUN…  in fact… so much more FUN… than  all of the rest,  of  their  friends!

Well… it is NOW… afternoon – and those early birds  –  they all have… had their FUN – and  NOW … with their parents – getting  a warm ride home.

There may still be some SNOW and ICE out there – but you have more FUN early in the day – as  we all know that wonderful saying…  about that “early bird”…  and if you are that early bird – YOU did get up…  and  YOU did it –  and YOU are NOW  being that early-bird…  with that “tid bit”  of all of the FUN…  you  have just had … YOU and all of those other early birds … are NOW  on their  phones… calling all  of their  good friends – the ones who missed out …  on TODAY’s … SNOW DAY off   from school – but were able to make it to the  SUNSET PARK… for FUN in the SNOW and GAMES.

Sorry for all those,  who missed a good … “FUN in the SNOW DAY” – You just have to learn to be an early BIRD in these months… when you never know for sure…  just exactly when and where that wonderful “SNOW” will decide to come,  and fall in just those right places…

So…for all those,  that have a sled,  and just LOVE to be out with all of their friends, will have so much FUN in this… SNOW…

Just when it likes to fall in your neighborhood…   but then … one never  knows –  when another  SNOW fall  – may be just around the corner.

I do believe…  that the Forecast for more…  SNOW, and a whole lot of it,  was posted … for  our area, and to come in the middle of the coming week!

SEE you all …  real soon  – then!

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