“Blessings For The COOKS and THEIR FAMILIES”

“The COOKS are Warming Up the Kitchen”

“If ever there was a time  in the year… for all “COOKS” to come to the aid of their household – NOW – these weeks  before Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS  are those extra special times to do, that which, only “YOU” extra special  “COOKS”  know how to do this and that… to make for all of us, just to sit up and beg for more  wonderful treats,  “You” are that that extra special and very  best person,  in the whole wide world!”

The above “Special COOK”  is the front of a  wonderful “HOLIDAY” card…  that I had received  in 1980… for the Holidays from my Uncle Bill and Aunt Iola McClarren with a very nice two page letter.

I have always saved the mail that I received, especially when it also includes  a very nice long letter, to fill me in, with all of the news of that part of the family, and all  that they were doing,  also including how they were getting on – and all of their plans for the Holidays.

They were getting up in the years with  many medical needs,  that did need to be taken care of – and like most of us…  as we all do get older over over the years, and  then… we are not always able to do all of those many things, like they used to do.

When… and this is so very many years ago… we were little, my brothers, Denny and Tommy  and Mom and myself,  my Dad would drive  us, up to Ohio…

These trips to OHIO were taken at least two times a year… for us to visit and stay with the family and spend  some time, seeing how they did, all of their farming and taking  care of animals,  and we did enjoy lots of very good meals.

In  fact one year, they even made a “Pumpkin Pie” from scratch in a very special pie dish, that my Mother used for so very many years, and then, when she passed on, I was lucky to get that very same “Pie Dish” and I  still have it.

This is a very special pie dish,  I have always made “Pumpkin Pies” in it, and they were always top of the line pies,  very seldom  ever having a slice of  leftover “Pumpkin PIE!~”

Something special about this time of the year, with everyone getting all of their cookbooks out to check on prize winning recipes  and every baking pie pan and cookie sheet out and preparing the KITCHEN for making memories, that will last  for a Lifetime, for all of those invited guests!

Just a thought, to go along with all of the good memories — and that is – this time of the year is so WONDERFUL because, every good COOK and Baker is saying  extra special prayers, that everything that they have planned for the “HOLIDAY Menu” will be so very delicious – that all of their friends and family will enjoy these special  occasions,  with many Prayers for those that provided these wonderful meals at their family get together, and that they will always be invited – because they did enjoy the family get together to the fullest – all these gifts and those gifts that our “Almighty Yahweh” provides for each of us… each and every day… and most importantly  for all  of us…. and that is….  for all year long!   D.V.

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