“Those Gifts that We Receive are Wonderful”

Christmastime Memory!

Some of the things that we, “ORPHANS” did… not that everyone is an Orphan, but when you are not at home with your very own parents… I guess you are an “orphan”… at least…  I was an orphan for a few years…

So… what I did –  I would just stick into my “MEMORY” cube –  You know that brain, we all have one…  good old memories … as if they just happened,  yesterday?

Only one of the Christmas gifts – that I had received from the “Famous Barr Store” – all though… I did receive seven  Christmas wrapped gifts… but this one and only gift – the very same one… that so many of us  little girls received – was a “DOLL Clothes  Washing Machine!”

Why would I remember that?

Well, several of us little girls did have dolls…  and the “DOLLS”  each one had a few clothes.   

I cannot believe that “DOLLS” get their clothes dirty, but  now…  those  of us having  a brand new  “WASHING Machines” ….  just had to see how  our  “Washing Machines” would work?

There were several of us, girls  trying to figure out all of this with those  very simple directions… but for some reason or the other … the little “WASHING MACHINE” did not work.

As an “ORPHAN” … there were long hours for us in the “PLAYROOM” and  with nothing better to do,  but try to figure out,  how does this little machine wash the clothes?

Now that I  stop to think about it…  those machines were not made to really work, but as a little girl…  I’m guessing that with a lot of  “DOLL” playing… you need to work the brain in such a way… by asking yourself  questions  as if to learn … by getting some answers  using  your “wildest of wild” imaginations… with as much “make-believe” that you can possibly dream up… 

“Make-believe” all of  your “DOLLS” and activities really take place in a world…  so far removed from that “ADULT” world…  so that if we had a “DOLL Clothes Washing Machine” to wash our  Doll’s clothes, then… 

Let us… pretend that we now are way back  in the 1940’s… and now,  I am thinking that some of us have Dolls…  that would have an accident…  like falling into a heavy rain  storm filled mess, and everything…  that  our Dolls were wearing needed to be wash and dried and iron and even some of the Doll’s clothes would  then … have to be hung on a clothes-line, in the nice “Sunshine”.

Continuing on… while all of this is going on…  we will take our good Dolls for a buggy ride.

Later the Dolls will be home for their meals and even later on…  we will be putting the Dolls to bed, for some rest… to end…  this day!

Well, this wonderful day must come to end.

All gifts to children are really items to let the eyes… see and the hands…  feel and with your friends, use your mouth to speak some sweet things to your “DOLLS”.

And always use those ears to listen,  for good sweet words… so that you and with the help of your “DOLLS” …  you are using those five (5)  senses, that you received as your first gifts from the Almighty…  and now you are putting  all of your good gifts to the  best of  all uses …  and by using all  of your gifts…  for a  positive good …to all!

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  • Alyssa says:

    Aww, this is so sweet! DOLL Clothes Washing Machine!

    This reminds me of Lex… He’s almost already too SMART to “play” with “make believe/pretend” toys… He wants to figure things out for REAL!

    They like to play with their “pretend stuff” but Lex (and Ruby too) – they are already outsmarting their toys… They want to do the REAL deal… haha, SO, maybe they will want to start helping Momma with all the REAL laundry and chores soon?? 😁

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