December 31st, 2012

All weather conditions are perfect  –  the snow is coming down  in such a delightful way  –  looks like someone has a large  “Powder Sugar Shaker”  and with  a steady firm shake  –  the  “Powdery Stuff”   is accumulating everywhere!  Makes me feel  like I should make a stack of  “Pancakes”   and have a second cup of coffee.

It’s beautiful outside and quite,  a for sure time to reflect  –  what was done this year (2012) and what problems  need a strong solution  with resolve to correct in (2013). While I remember,  generally everyone states  that they are making a  New Year Resolution List. But, this year,  I am going to do this differently  –  the one thing,  I find needs correction will be  written down  –  checked daily  –   to confirm that my brain has registered it,  and this problem  will for sure be taken care  of.

If I  have a  “Whole  List”  – nothing  will be worked on,  and the  “Resolution List “  would  be  “History”  after just a couple of months  – never a thought ever given!

My Mother always said  that for   New Year ‘s Eve  – around  midnight  or before going to bed  –   use a broom to sweep out all the problems of the year  and you will  be staring the  “New Year”  with a fresh start!  And, for “Good Luck”  have made prior arrangements that a  “young man with  Red Hair  –  calls you!”

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