“Ambassador to Ireland” – “I am ready to go” – “RIGHT NOW”

“Just in case  and just so everyone  will know – – I am ready to go to IRELAND!” – – “Just send a message to “President Donald Trump” – – I do believe that the “IRISH” will LOVE me” as my ancestors came from Ireland and England!”


Opportunity Knocking!   for ME…

My question for today – who will step up and let the world know – that for the position – Ambassador to Ireland – here I am, ready to serve! I feel that if I remind everybody that the position is open and more and more people will be looking for someone with the “RIGHT” stuff – to stand up and declare that the Ambassador to Ireland position is being filled now, by them and or “ME”! We need some of that good old “SALT” – that stirs up the flavor of living the right way to come – to “Life!”

Today, too many of us Americans are just sitting back and letting the other “guy” do what we  – – or better said – –  ourselves could  do – if only  our backbone was as strong as our ancestors. Just take a few minutes and think about what you are doing right, now? What is so important that you cannot do something – just a little more worthwhile – because you know that if you don’t do the job – someone with a lesser amount of talent will take the Position – and then what we will receive…  will be a very sorrowful story – so much  so… that all will just go down the drain!

When I was a lot younger, working full time, three children in school – and each child has activities they wanted to join. I would fill out the paper work that I would help.

Do you have any idea as to how many parents do not fill out any school informational paper work that requires their time? They feel that somebody else will take on the job of helping out the school and work with their kids – and if there are no  volunteers – then the kids will just have to wait till a later year for the same opportunity to come along, for them? Of course, you and lots of children receive nothing special – no helpers – equal nothing extra special in the “years that count” for your children! It’s that way all through life – when no volunteers stand up for a good cause!

If one of the children in our family wanted to learn something and this would require me to help in any way at all – that is exactly what I did. It was amazing how many activities we would partake  of… in those years and how much we got done – the days were “longer” then – just more hours seem to be available – we had so much fun doing – the only thing now – as I  now think about it – we did not watch the  T.V. – we did something useful and were always learning.

When you want something done – ask busy people – they will find the time to fit the activity into their busy schedule!  “You and your FAMILY will LOVE doing activities together – – try it and let me know!”    D.V.

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