“Happy Birthday to Mary Crangle”

“May 5th, 2020 is Mary’s Day”

    “Happy Birthday to You…. Happy Birthday to You…

                  Happy Birthday, Dear Mary…

          Happy Birthday to you and many more…”

This is one of those special PHOTOS that I have  … can not put a date with the exact time frame, but one that I like because it reminds me of the good times that I also had back then but as we travel on our journey through LIFE –  we seem to feel we must travel here and there… and make moves that when we are older and stop and think we realize that we made some very unnecessary moves in fact, whatever we thought was important enough to make a change… were really not the best of moves for us… had we taken more time…and or just moved slowly in our decision making.


   In this PHOTO  which I feel everyone should see… that which  I see and think is so very important when it comes to small children and not just because this is  “Alan, my Grand-son” he is pre-kindergarten – –  but I am amazed at seeing how he is so busy at work!

When I was at his age – – I can not remember being so organized as he is in this PHOTO – –  Alan has his sleeves rolled up… he is standing in a well bent over position as an “ARTIST” would stand at his  “ART-BOARD”  work paper in front of him and held down in place so as not to move while he does his artistic design … colors to use and art papers within reach… he knows his NAME and is able to write it down on the construction paper and more importantly… than anything else nothing else in this classroom is a distraction to keep him from doing the  “CREATIVE” project …that he has his mindset to produce.

My feelings on this are that teachers and parents may not have thought about this but when children are very young they have natural creative abilities something in their “DNA” and or genes and with the right guidance early in LIFE will make for the child to be able to do for his LIFE’S WORK – – that which he was created to do!

“Working with babies and very young children early in LIFE will be the best of all BLESSINGS that our CREATOR wants for each of the GIFTS of LIFE… He gives…to us!   D.V.

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  • Mary Crangle says:

    Amen! Life lessons ARE learned throughout our life here on earth…God gives us all a chance to minimize our risk for destruction of this mortal life he has given to us. We make sacrifices that make people ask the question, “Why?” But sometimes they are just part of His plan for us…to bring about some deeper healing within us or someone else. Just as Jesus questioned his Father, why he had to die for our sins in such a violent way that seemed so ironic for such a good person to have to sacrifice…so I wondered if my actions to have another child by another man would somehow bring about a change in my life that needed to be made, maybe so that many people could find love in there lives…where there once was none. So my sacrifice enabled a woman who could never have children, to assume motherhood as she raised my firstborn son…and a man became a dad and his mom, a grandmother…something that may never have happened if I chose not to pursue such an affair. Before ever having kids, kids is what I wanted most of all! I had surgeries to be able to get pregnant, prayed while I ran three miles, three times a week, hoping to heal from the inside out! So, it made no sense that as a christian, I would take on such an activity to have another child…because one man decided he was good with one child, after we agreed to have at lease four children when we married. But things don’t always go the way we think…and I suffered much for the decision I made, rejection from my family, and a long road back into God’s grace. But, I was never outside of God’s protection. And I am grateful for my son, Alan, who always stood by his mom, despite the unsettled journey back into God’s Grace…God carried us through the times of strife and turned lemons to lemonade! Amen!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “We are all grateful, that our Almighty Creator watches over us, his children, to keep us on His path…till He receives us into our final reward” xoxo

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