“Easter in Florida”

This is what I am thinking today! Cannot save “thoughts”  for another time – because – the “thoughts” – that you “think” now – they  will escape the brain cells  and maybe – forever – never again to show up. So, I’m guessing that “thoughts”  – “think” – that   “they”  are good for you “now” –  “right NOW” – not later – so use me – or forget me – forever!

When you have children – there is something magical that happens – to you the “PARENTS” – only at this  time when your children are very young. Think back and see if I am not right on this subject??The children are your very special “GIFTS” from the Almighty – and He wants for you to enjoy them to the fullest. And, here is where the magic comes in – you, the PARENTS – become youngsters again, too! If you do not become “young -at- heart” – you and your children will never ever really enjoy all that you were predestined to receive and share  – with  your children –  with all the joy and happiness that was meant – just for your family!

So, for “EASTER in FLORIDA”  –  in the 1960’s – one year- my son, Lee was maybe two years old and my step-son Donny was maybe seven years old – and so,  I thought that I would do something different??? Since – I had never had a small animal of my own as a small child -just thought that I would surprise the boys with some  little baby “EASTER-CHICKS”  –  – giving  to them each two chicks – and see how they would  like them  – and left the “door open”  – the “DOOR of Imagination” – as to how and what we will do  – when I brought these chicks home???

“Did you ever bring small chicks home and think that you are going to keep them a secret??” There is no “secret” when “chicks” are in the house! These baby chicks are making noise at all times and at all hours of the day and night – I do not believe they sleep?  There was no place outside for me to put them.  We did not have a garage and there are no basements in Florida – something about sitting on water??? We did have a “Florida Room” – but everybody was in and out of it for all kinds of things we did – just no place to go with the chicks except a bathroom??? This bathroom was a good idea – that is until night time.

Sometime during the night – someone got up to use this bathroom  – whoever it was I’ll never know for sure – but the lights were not turned on by this person – one of the chicks got out of the box  – and that was “curtains out” for this poor  baby chick! Well, the next morning – we had to hold “Funeral Services” for “BABY-Chick No 1” – and now there were only three to go?? And, now the boys knew about the chicks and the  baby chicks went everywhere – the boys went.

You have to be a “young- at -heart parent” when you bring “BABY-Chicks” into the house for the children – that is for an extra special  “Easter” surprise – because – an adult  does need to be around to be sure the “poor  baby-chicks” are not  overly man-handled  – in such a way as to cause their early demise?? I did get the camera out and took a couple of pictures – and I sure am glad that I did –because – a picture is worth a thousand words – and the memories – are beyond  what  the world might  ever have to offer? I believe that when you have small children – you have become a  young and full of energy  person  – just to keep up and be able to do all the new  exciting and exploring –  that  your  young children need  guidance for as they grow – to be able to cope and  carry on with what they are  to do daily – with your  children  – and for the next “future” generations! “Happy Easter” to all you brave  and “young-at-heart parents”  and to all those new  and little “BABY-Chicks!”

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