“Mother” – Mother-in-law” – “Grandma”


The above  photo is of my baby Al Aldrich – and –  he is in the arms of  his “Grandma Louise” – who is also my “Mother-in-law” and also the “MOTHER” of my husband “LEE G. ALDRICH Sr” – and this  special “picture” taking is one of many  “first photos ” to be taken – since  baby, Al was just born on the 9th of January – and his “Grandma Louise” made a special trip  from Saint Louis, Missouri – – just to visit us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida —  –  since –  this is a very special occasion for all of us!

Grandma  Louise” was called by all of us  – “Grandma Lulu” as this was so much easier for the little children to say and  then  – we would  know exactly  which “Grandma” they were talking to and or about. In this picture Grandma Lulu is in her 80’s – and she enjoyed traveling by “Greyhound Bus” – and that is because she said she like to meet new people and talk with them all the way – wherever she was going?  The only thing that I remember about her likening to talk – that is in the house – she was unable to hear me – unless I was whispering?? That was something that I could never figure out?? But – when you stop to think about it – when you do not want to talk – you just do not answer – and give a silly look – and everyone takes it for granted – you are a little  on the hard of hearing side??

Just thought that I would include Grandma Lulu’s full name for those that might think that they  know her –  – – and want to be for sure – –   Louise Vosmeyer Aldrich Stanley. Louise was married to Mr. Aldrich – and something happened where he worked – that caused his death.  So, after some years – Louise was fortunate to meet a Fire Chief – at  the  local –  Fire House near where she was living  with her ten children – and Mr Stanley  did  like children  – and he  then  married  and  had a full and happy FAMILY with Louis – and believe it  – they were blessed with two more children    – – – Ralph Stanley and Florence Stanley LaFevre.

“Happy Mother’s Day” to all our  Mothers – MOTHER-in-laws  – and Grandmas –  – –  because without all of  you  – to be where you are and always right there  – – to help all of  us – –  to be where we should be  –  – You all deserve a “GOLD STAR” on your report cards!

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