“Memorial Day Celebrated TODAY” 5/29/2017

1944 – “To My Sweetheart” – – from AL…


This photo is of   –  Al E. Aldrich, brother to my husband, Lee G. Aldrich, Sr. – and uncle to my sons, Lee, Jr. and Al Aldrich. The  photo must have been intended for a girl-friend – Al has a date of July 8th, 1944 – Italy and also he has written: “To My Sweetheart”    —   “Al” – also,  there is some other writing on the back of the photo – but this photo was pasted with glue on to a black page of a photo-album  – and was carefully sliced out – and some of the writing can no longer be made out – so I guess we just do not need to know what was there – I feel so “LUCKY” just to have this remembrance of my brother-in-law.

You can tell that some bending of the photo and damage  was done by someone – sometime ago –  no one knows what happens to all their stuff when they move  or leave behind all their earthly possessions for the next generation  —   Al and his brother Lee, my husband  have already gone on to a much better place – but they are  both really missed by us who  are sure to follow soon, enough?

On this Memorial Day – I  do  remember those in my “Family” and all those still serving in the Armed Forces  – asking Almighty  Yahweh’s  special  blessing –   since – – we all need ‘prayers’   said for us –  and to always be remembered … in some way – – –  my thoughts are that   —  to send blessings of “LOVE”  to all those we hold dear  in our “LIFE” time  – –  makes for a better  world  – and our own loving memories   – will  be passed on to the next generations! D.V.

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