“Happy Birthday Darlene”

“Today is that big day for “DARLENE” to receive lots of “BIRTHDAY” wishes from all of her FAMILY and FRIENDS?”


There is nothing like good ole Uncle and Grandpa, Lee to get the horses all set up to take the Family children for a ride on a beautiful day… like TODAY!

“Looks like Uncle Lee is giving a few last-minute  instructions to this horse – – just so she knows what kind of ride she is to give to the “Grandchild” and just to make sure that this horse  knows what “LEE” is talking about…he is reaching into his hip pocket for a special sugar cube treat with the promise of more treats for giving a good safe and gentle ride to each child that will be sitting high in the saddle… today!”

“Today is a very special day… It is  “Darlene’s BIRTHDAY”  and I hear that “LEE” even baked a “CAKE” for DARLENE’s Birthday… as LEE gets up with the  “chickens”  just some of his “NAVY” training many years ago… bright and early and also being one of those “JACKS of all TRADES”  looks like he can do…  anything he puts his “mind” to doing how’s that for a terrific husband?

“Let me hear  everyone start to sing at the same time… HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLENE” make that loud so that they can hear  it on “BROADWAY” we may all be  in their next MUSICAL?”

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