“More Information regarding our THANKSGIVING Day”


     “Thanksgiving with Grandma!”

“Over the river and through the woods,  to Grandmother’s House we go…”   That is what I will be hearing, as everyone comes to Grandma’s  (my house)  for the  Thanksgiving Feast!

When I was a little girl,  and we were on our way to “Ohio” to see  our  “Grandma”   my Dad’s MOTHER, Leah –  we always sang  –  that is what children  will do,  when they are happy, and having  FUN – while traveling a long distance in an automobile.  As,  small kids,  and as the oldest  – my memories were that, we were always  happy!

Today, as old as I am, we are a family that likes singing and playing various musical instruments. I believe all children should learn to play some musical instrument, if at all possible, and have an  adult,   that will enjoy  being with the children to teach the children to sing  –  taking  all the time as available and as  early as possible  to start  the singing  with “gusto” – so that this becomes something that the children want to enjoy doing!  It’s so good,   and  the best part is that, you will always remember,  those  good times,  as your very best of all your memories.

My Mother,  was positioned on a swivel type  piano stool  (still have the photo)  and she would sing, for the entertainment  of those at the  FAMILY gathering – and it sure was good that  “little MARIE”  had a good voice and was able to remember so many songs – and songs that they all liked.   Remember,  she was the 13th child in the  “Brady”  family,  and some of her older brothers –  were already married!  “Mom”  looks like she is scared  –  but she sang,  she had a very  beautiful, good and sweet voice.  That was  before radio and “TV”  days  – the days “when” families  celebrated  the Holidays  – together,  each member of  the family contributed  something  to the occasion  –  where  merriment excelled!

The Brady Family had a large “piano” and our “Aunt Irene”  to be – did learn to play the piano – and there were the standard songs,  that all of the “BRADY’s” would  sing together – as they gathered around this piano.  From those days until  today – a certain amount of musical ability runs in the FAMILY – and,  I am certainly glad,  that I had my sons take piano lessons – as they were learning to read those notes and play the different instruments – that  – ‘music’  also opens up those extra special brain cells – that help increase in the learning of more  courses of study,  than the average child – that receives no music lessons. So,  I am for all children,  to learn  “MUSIC”  and to go as far as they like –  as  it will  be a terrific help,  to that person – all their life long!

Just in case,  you missed the “POST” with my favorite song for this time of the year,  here it is again!


“Added this  little extra piece of good information – that,  maybe you did not know – but,  NOW – you will feel more informed about,  the  Thanksgiving DAY!”      D.V.

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