“TIME waits for No ONE – Not even ME”


       Are you missing something?

When I was a little girl, and that’s been a long time ago, it seemed to me that “TIME” just stood still. I can remember sitting on benches with some of my little friends, and we were talking about – “How long do we have to wait for supper?”  We also were saying, “The clock just is not moving – how do ‘we’ get the clock to move faster?”

It was as if we did something or could,  even try to do something that –  TIME –  would move faster and we could have something to do? When you are little, and I’m guessing this goes for all little “SMART TIKES” – that’s the class of  “SMARTIES”  and or maybe even  –  know-it-all –  smarty-pants –  wiseacre , and the NUNS’ would call us a   “saucebox”   – just because,   they thought that we thought,   we were in  a higher class of smart people – and we had to get the world to move faster – because, we were wasting too much “TIME”  just sitting around, sometimes!

So now, I’m putting my foot  down on the “BRAKES” of time – we need to slow down “TIME” – it’s going too fast – I cannot keep up,  with what I need to get done  in one (24) hour day! I find myself complaining about things that are not getting done, especially since I am either too slow or the day  goes by  too fast!

There is so much that I have to do  – that I want to read, and if I take time to just sit and read – the day is shot – all gone?  And, I have a whole list of stuff, which just has to wait for another day – hopefully a longer day or a faster me?  In  my reading of  something,  that just seem to be exactly  that which, I needed to read –  it is inspiring  me to stop complaining,  about what I cannot change,  and think about the blessings that I have received, and ask blessings  for  everybody and every thing that is requiring more time,  than what I can give at that time! In other words  – I have to realize,  that as one gets older, one must also learn to slow down.

Today, we are on a very fast  journey, which is turning into a  “rat race” – and this older  “body”   that is being used today –  has already used up the best of its energy a long time ago. So, my change for doing a better job,   which is really needed  – I am “blessing” everyone around –   as I go through the day –   I’m  finding…  that by “blessing” everyone that I meet each day on my daily rounds – I feel like I have more energy and strength to get more done each lovely day  –  even more so…  than in the past.

The mouth can help you – and in this world “TODAY”  – this is what you might also like to try –  I just “LOVE” blessing everyone as I go – You know that…  “what you say – –  is what you get back” – and getting all those “BLESSINGS”  back,  as you are giving them out – is the best part of this  day by day journey!”

“Thanks be to the Almighty for being so generous with all   of  HIS  Blessings!”   D.V.

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