“At the END of a YEAR- Remember the GOOD TIMES”

   “Time seems to FLY through the YEARS”

  “WOW”   “What a wonderful day it was … when our little baby, “Alan”  decided to come to EARTH  as in HEAVEN all of the “BABIES” that will become a part of a FAMILY …enjoy  being in a Heavenly realm… where there is an exciting choice given… is it this “FAMILY”  for me… to become a part of … or shall I wait… and see what other choices come along before all choices are taken… and I must leave… like it or not!”

July 1st… came up on the calendar on EARTH… and as looking over this one particular  “FAMILY ”   I could see a resemblance of  “Al and Mary”  and just thought that… this  is the  “FAMILY” … for me!

  “HOW do you like my choice?” “That’s my DAD… big “AL” and I am little “AL” and just maybe a week old… here on EARTH!”

On EARTH… there is this thing with “TIME” … at first when you arrive … “TIME” runs very slow. This PHOTO is of DADDY and me, just a few years older than the  previous PHOTO above… because when on EARTH… the people eat more than we did in HEAVEN… and as you eat,  you do get to be taller and grow more, and are always learning new things.

This “TIME” that  “DAD and SON” get to share alone in the first years here on EARTH is so very important, at least… I think so  and feel that everyone needs more “FAMILY  TIME”   together, as LIFE  will be so much more FUN  that way!   This PHOTO  has the ‘title’  that I will call… “Boys NIGHT OUT”   what do you think?

This is a favorite PHOTO,“DAD and SON”  this is the  best of  the SUMMER TIME, and it  is a special day for all of  our FAMILY . There is just something about the “SUMMER” and when the FAMILY can get together just for the sake of having FUN, well  then… those are the days that are  “for sure”  to be  put into the “MEMORY BOOK”… forever!

“It sure is getting close… so “HAPPY  NEW YEAR”s… ALAN” and many more wonderful  FUN FILLED  years… to follow!”

“May the Almighty Yahweh  richly bless you and all of the FAMILY!” …amd… Bless all in our FAMIY…  in all the new adventures that we will  be doing… for the  NEW Years that  we will  be Blessed with… forever!”     D.V.

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