“Taking TIME for Prayers…All The Time”

Ben Stein – I’m Taking Action!


Many Thanks!   for your sincere  “Confession”    –  America had just about pushed  all of its  “Decency Buttons”  out of  control!

Our  Forefathers wanted religious freedom for all  but, they  relied  on the  “Bible” for their laws… do not kill…  do not steal , etc.,  and for inspiration  as needed…   when they endured such hardships, we…   today,  just could not bear up under!

Live and let live…  Love your neighbor as yourself?  

What ever happened to extending a  “little  Charity ”  to your fellow man,  we could all use a helping hand  now and then, and “Charity” still   starts at  “Home” …  in more ways than  we bestow.

“Prayer”  at  all  of the time, as  I was growing up.

“Prayer”  came before everything we did! 

There was  “Prayer”   when we got up out of  bed – while making the bed. “Prayer”  before and after eating   meals  –  each and every meal! 

“Prayer” before school  started and before tests  and before basketball games  –  before baseball games! 

When the day was done  –  “Prayer”  before going to sleep!  How in the world could you ever think of doing anything with out  “Almighty Yahweh” …being a part of our safe venture ?

I’m hoping more will read  “the Word”  and take “Action” …  to reverse our  “internal disease!”  Everyone needs  to  “put their  Trust  in our Creator!”   

What other country  –  has all their currency  marked…  “In God We Trust” 

“We are lucky to have  the  ONE and ONLY Creator of all …  to show HIS Love… for all of  Us!

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