“Sometimes We are Entertained by Heavenly Angels”

Christmas Blessings – 2020

Did you hear… all of that and  what a friend of mine,  wanted me to say  – about giving  “Thanks and Kudos”  –  to that most “Generous Couple” in the grocery store, last Saturday afternoon! 

The store  was very busy, and  is one  of those stores that attract large family shopping.

Evidently… this couple was looking for parents with children , so as to give the children a real surprise! Looked like the families they were  selecting had children  in the age of (8) eight years  and under range.  And… having several and or  more  children in the family… the better!

My friend  also said that they had another couple or two with them, and  that they were the  “scouters”  the ones, doing the  “scouting for” these  families,  appearing to be…  “shoppers with carts”… but they were communicating  with  the couple… that was  up and  near to  the cash-registers, describing which  families to watch for  –  and to which aisle they might  be  getting in… soon to check out.

A  colleague,  in and around the cash-registers,   looked like an employee  with  some   printed cards.

Seems as though the message was to the effect…  that this  family with children was to receive their groceries  free…  and  the big surprize  for each child…  that each child  in that family is to receive $20.00 cash!

Charge all… the full amount of their order and all cash given to the children … to that “special” card that they were  given! 

“Do not say who is paying for this  extra special gift order.   No publicity or all is cancelled!” 

And… If a question is ever asked     –  just say    –   “It’s a Blessing    –  Our Creator  Loves You!” 

  “On that  day… so you know…  there  were   5  or  6   “Lucky Recipients!”

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