(inc Medals & Anthem)

Here are the magnificent Torvill & Dean performing their iconic Bolero routine for the very last time in an amateur competition, at the World Figure Skating Championships in Ottawa, Canada in March 1984.

Sorry the quality isn’t great but it’s the best I have.

I just copied it from one of my old VHS tapes of various stuff I recorded from the TV in the 1980’s.

Torvill & Dean actually scored an extra 6 for this performance than they did at the Olympics, which was a new record.

The clip also shows them receiving their medals and them standing for the national anthem at the end.

As always I don’t claim any copyright whatsoever for this clip.

If anyone involved in it isn’t happy with my uploading it please let me know and I will remove it. 

(Just want to share the Torvill & Dean love for fellow fans to enjoy. 🙂


35+ years later it is still an unbeatable performance
That was remarkable, didn’t feel like a competition at all. It’s like watching a courtship happening.
Torvill and Dean did for ice dancing in the 1980’s what The Beatles did for popular music in the 1960’s.
2021 I had same reaction as 1984. I cried at the beauty of such a perfect ballet on ice, skated to one of the most beautiful compositions ever written.


Their performance is still iconic. Notice what this also has over performances today? No commentator talking while they performed. I’ve contacted the stations to ask that no one speak during a performance but they ignore it. They need to watch this and see how much better it is, how superior an experience, without announcers yattering throughout.


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