“Never Ever Can We Forget Good Memories”


“75..76..77… for the last… time”

“Just to think – – way back and  then….   everything  –  that  has happened – – and is still happening  – – and we are always and for ever … will only be a ‘YEAR’ – – apart???”  D.V.


                DENNY……..  MARY ELLEN…………..TOMMY

                   “The McClarrens… on Visiting Sunday…”


Over Seventy Years  ago… can you believe this is what the three of us looked like!!!

That is DENNY…MARY ELLEN…TOMMY – – and we are HAPPY… only… because it is  a … Visiting Sunday!

When I look at this photo…I am now taking note that,  there are so very  few  parents  in the back ground…  so few of the children were as LUCKY … as  the “McClarrens.” 

If only, to be able to see and visit with someone from their very own  FAMILY… to receive some sign, that there is someone in this whole wide world… that will  even, if ever, bother to come out on the second or fourth Sunday of each month… and  just spend a couple of hours…sharing  and showing  some “FAMILY LOVE” with the ones you LOVE the most,  your  very own small children!

What I really LOVED… was those surprise  “VISITs” – – that would happen at any ole time… any day of the week … when either my FATHER and or my MOTHER would just show-up, and always with a bag  or two,  just full of  goodies… to be shared while they were visiting with us, and all of  our friends we had!

Today…just reliving and thinking back … as to what was good and enjoyable about being in an Orphanage… especially when at that  time… I remember that,  I could hardly stand to be there … and could hardly wait for that day, when, I would graduate … and be able to leave … and forever be with my Mother, in my own HOME!!!


And here we are at the front door of the Orphanage…

Our little Tommy has always been… the  “STAR”… when it comes to taking PHOTOS… he likes to create just a smidge of excitement!

As I am looking at Tommy… it just came to me… he must like high up places… as he did become a  Paratrooper!



What does a paratrooper do?
Image result for Paratrooper

Paratroopers jump out of airplanes and use parachutes to land safely on the ground.
This is one of the three types of “forced entry” strategic techniques for entering a theater of war; the other two being by land and by water.
Is paratrooper an infantry?
Foot soldiers serving an airborne force are known as airborne infantry or paratroopers.
The main advantage of airborne forces is their ability to be deployed into combat zones without land passage, as long as the airspace is accessible.

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