“OH… Just to be so Young…Again”

Just ran across this ole Photo, which incudes me.

Sometimes in LIFE… someone that is taking pictures,  just so happens to take a photo…  that you like of yourself.



Looking at this old photo, here is what I can say about this  occasion for a picture  being taken.

I was able to get a job transfer to  the Southern Bell in Miami as my husband was retiring due to a disability and we were moving to Florida for his health.

In the above photo is my husband, Lee’s younger brother,  Al Aldrich and his wife Thelma…  holding the dog that our son Tommy also seated on the sofa… had just got at the Dog Pound, as he likes dogs.

The sofa is part of the furniture that the seller of this house left for us… until our furniture would arrived from Saint Louis.

That is “me” leaning on that sofa with our son Lee Jr.,  in my arm and resting on my hip, as those were the days when I had all kinds of extra energy and could do so much… so fast!

Looking at this old picture… I sure do wish that I had some of that extra strength and power in my arms … just to be able to pickup a small child and swing him around… all with so much ease!

Just guess that…  after so many years that…  “get up and go” power we have when we are young… just gets up and goes!

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