“The First Few Months at St. Vincent”

“Well here we are… just a little older, and on a “Visiting Sunday”… and we are hanging on to the fencing on the “Boys’ side Pavilion”… where we will be sitting at one  of the tables and benches, as you can see.”

Sunday… only on the fourth Sunday of the month… our parents would be here to see us… as close to “one o’clock” and stay for the  full  allotted time in the  afternoon, to five o’clock.

We were happy when they arrived, and it would seem like to be in HEAVEN, while we were hugging and hanging onto to them.

When you know that it is “Visiting Sunday” and you know that your parents will soon be here to see you… and,  always my MOTHER would bring bags of goodies that she had made… and  then, for just those couple of hours …our family was in a heavenly realm.

A Sunday Visit 001

Something new to us… everything was numbered, as each child has a number and everything that you receive is numbered… should it be sent to you through the mail or when someone would come to the Orphan Home with gifts , as they did not allowed family visits just any ole time.

So to continue with the story…My Aunt Irene Riley was the one finding out about this “Orphan Home” that would take both boys and girls… all the children in the family, but… from the age three and up.

So… nothing to do … but for us to go to the St. Vincent’s Home and see if we would like it, for a place to stay, for maybe six to nine months, since my Mother was now expecting Twins!

When we arrived to the “HOME”  for our visit, and almost as soon as we enter… you could smell some of the very best of smells.

Evidently  this was one of those days when the “NUN” in the “Bakery” would  be baking and as we walked through those halls and  the different floors of the building… it was like we were walking around in Heaven!

We saw the Church as it is the first place immediately visible for people to see and visit, then to the classrooms and then to the dormitories… and the “PLAYROOMS” for the girls  and for the boys… and also the dining rooms.

 We also went out to the Playgrounds, where the Swings and Pavilions were, and even the out of doors Water fountains… as the kids could get a drink anytime…  when outside playing.

Everything that we saw … was just terrific and for one thing compared to some other places … everything looked so clean and the kids were all so nice looking… taking part in all of the things… that they had  and were doing.

So the decision was made,  that we would be going to St. Vincent’s.

This was now SEPTEMBER 1945 and I was already attending Perpetual Help School in North Saint Louis… just starting the Second Grade and my younger  brother Denny was starting the First Grade… and we would be walking a couple of blocks to School and home again and just having fun…as  we skipped and ran all the way.

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  • Alan says:

    Hi Grammy, I sure love reading your stories and looking at these photographs! I can’t wait for the next one! Love you!!!

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