“Way Back…and WHEN… our Friend Beverly”

To Remember Friends and Good Friend Forever

Remembering “Beverly Theresa PorterBetty, Beverly,Me 001

In the photo above,  this picture  of the three of us,  is being taken by “Gail Porter.”

Also,  in the above photo is Betty Jean Musgrove, and she is taking  this  picture of  me, Mary Ellen and,  I have  my left arm around  “Beverly Porter,”  who is  younger sister to “GAIL”  also a very good friend.

This photo was taken in my last year at  the German St. Vincent’s Orphanage,  and  as you can  see,  I  do have  some long hair, and I wanted it to be very long,  for our  “Graduation Day” in the  up coming, June of 1952,   but … the NUNS,  had a thing about long hair,  that is, long hair on me.

They told me, that they would pay for me to get a permanent at the “Ragsdale Beauty Shop” if …  I would have it done,   just as soon as possible?

It was January 1952,  and they promised me, that  as my hair grows fast,   that it  would be long again,  in time  for “GRADUATION.” 

 I did not really believe them, but, and so that,  I would not be  harassed,    any more  about my long hair,  as it was  “so” disturbing  to them,  when we were all  in Church… so they said!

In my  opinion, instead of looking at my long hair, in Church, and maybe,  wishing that  they still had their own long hair, as  it may have been the case, before they entered into the Convent,  they should have been reading  from their Prayer Books  and  even,  maybe doing some  extra Praying – like we were all in Church… to do.

Just let me tell you,  because I know, it does… for sure…  take longer than six (6) months to grow that  long hair, back.

And now, that I am much older, and have the good news – “HAIR is just dead stuff”  – and no matter  how, and or what, you try to do,  to make it look  even good  and or  even better, and or even to get hair grow long faster, you are wasting your time

It is just  plain ole DEAD stuff, no more so beautiful  with  living LIFE in it…  to do anything,  but just hanging on to your head … to aggravate you!

This was to be a message to remember  my friend… “Beverly Theresa Porter Hitchcock!” 

“Beverly”  was a very good and dear,  friendly  person, to everyone … that I know,   for  all of her LIFE  and  just eight  years ago,  in July,  she  left here,  for a much greater  and  a far more heavenly  resting place, with her CREATOR, ending this  long journey here on Earth.


Well, I was able to add this much latter photo of  “Beverly Theresa Hitchcock” and she did  live 74  very good years, with all of us,  which  includes,   her very many friends and Family!     D.V.

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