“Tell Me again, How Old She Is”

“No… WAY…”


When I took this PHOTO  –  of  our little baby “JAIME” – to work with me –  for show and tell…

I immediately received “RAVE REVIEWS” from everyone –  she was the cutest of  all the “BABY PHOTOS” –  and  as the photo was being seen, by all of my fellow workers … I just felt like  –  I was sitting on the highest of  mountains!

When… you are a “GRANDMA” –  and you are still in the “WORKING MARKET” –  not really old enough to retire –  it sure does  “HELP”  to have plenty of  “PHOTOS” –  of your “GRAND-CHILDREN” – because there will always be a  time for a “BREAK” in the  long work day…

And that is the exact time – when someone will start to pull out a “PHOTO”   or two  of a favorite child or grand-child  – and then,  there will always be … someone on the “nosy” side –  that will  ask, and say, “Could I take a look-see… too?”

Well… that is all it takes –  and – all of a sudden you would think that you are inside a “BEE-HIVE” –  there is so much buzzing going on.

“OH how cute!” – “HOW old is she?” –  “She  sure does look older than –  you say?” …  “SHE sure does have the most beautiful bright eyes, too!”

WELL… I could not believe –  but it sure did look like I was winning  –  the best of all the comments.

You would have thought  – that this was a PHOTO of  a Million Dollar Movie STAR.

So many people at work, taking their time and giving  me terrific  comments… I only wish NOW…  that I had,  had a recorder for the amount of terrific comments –  and the request to see more PHOTOS!


 KEEP taking plenty of PHOTOS of my “GRAND-CHILDREN”

I love and  am  winning  “RAVE REVIEWS” –  and I enjoy showing off my GRAND-CHILDREN”   to everyone and  everyday!


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