“Best of Wishes for our Terrific Jaime”

“Jaime will Celebrate all WEEK with FAMILY”

Birthday Memories Last Longer than a WEEK”

This is one of my  ‘favorite PHOTOS’ of our little “JAIME”  as she was never the type to start to cry,   just when it was TIME to be PHOTOGRAPH.

  “Jaime”  will show the camera  man her very best  of smiles,  with each and every PHOTO  that will be taken,  of her… and also as each  picture  is taken, every one will have to say… along with ME… these PHOTOS  are always…  “PICTURE  PERFECT”  if…  “I ,   do say so, myself!”

This  next picture is as a  bigger girl  now, and with the FAMILY on Vacation and  just  a little more more  “SUN-TAN”  “JAIME” …

Our sweet Jaime is showing us exactly, what she can do, as  when  she is ready to get into that big “OCEAN  BLUE”  while family and friends are doing  just exactly as each has thought to do…as to what, they  have on their plan list of getting  just the  very best of all, “Sun Tans”  as Jaime’s plan is working very well  …  on the  FAMILY trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

And,  this next PHOTO, 

Well… what more,  can I say…

“It is most  BEAUTIFUL”   – If only,  I could have had such a glamorous “PHOTO” of myself,  way back and when…

but –  I just never received those  terrific qualities for “IT” and all the others, like me, “OH well” 

We can only wish, a lot…  such is LIFE! 

 “I’m still wishing, but TIME is running out!”

“For those  beautiful  and wonderful “GIFTS”  “my Grand-children” that,  I have received,  from our ALMIGHTY CREATOR, I have to give THANKS!

Since these “GIFTS”   are the kinds of  “GIFTS”  that, there is nothing,  that I can do,  nor could I have ever done to receive, but only,  and  by that  extra  special “GRACE of  YAHWEH”  for which,  I will be eternally grateful,  and Thankful…  that  is going to be NOIW,   forever and evermore!’

“Happy Birthday,  to JAIME” again, with  “WISHES” for many more,  “HAPPY BIRTHDAYS”

Also… adding more prayers… asking that the “ALMIGHTY”  continue to bless you, even more, than  He has already blessed me!   AMEN       DV.

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