“Let’s have an Extra Special Birthday Party”

“Jaime’s Birthday …Let’s Celebrate all week long”

“Happy Birthday Jaime”

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Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true.


Happy Birthday! Dream big for dreams we believe in tend to come true.


Happy Birthday, Princess.

Birthdays are so very special and it is at that time to  which  we get and receive these  “Blessings and Good wishes” from all of our near and dear friends and family…

Each  and every day of your life is so extra special, and for…  that next “birthday”  that we  feel that … we will be  getting ready to start  NOW… with a super celebration… has  just so much  of an extra special spark to be added to  your life…

So that  when and while  you  will be celebrating and always  with all of your loved ones,  near and dear… this NEW BIRTH  date…   becomes even more extra… special.

The celebrations of  “Happy Birthday” days… actually have  had…an origin.

In the earlier days, the birthday celebration was found in the first book of the Bible,  called “Genesis.”

The “reasons”  for how birthdays came to be celebrated.

The Pharaohs in Egypt were transformed into Gods… 

Only… after they were coroneted.

That day was considered as the “birth of a God”…  and  all of the people came…  to celebrate this magnificent  event…  very grandly.

“So the  very good word…  WORD… for this day is… “Celebrate!”

“Celebrate today and all  through the week…”

 “And that  is to just …  make for SURE…

“That each and everything,  all of  those extra special wishes…  that you were  ever wishing for…  will  for sure … come true!”

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