“Today is Alan’s BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY”

“BIRTHDAY… Surprise for ALAN”

“JULIA CHILD” in the Kitchen -with ALAN!   *********

Have you ever seen  “JULIA CHILD” …  at work in your KITCHEN?

IMG_1003 (1)

Grand-daughter JAIME was taking pictures as “GRANDMA” was putting  “31”  candles on a home made cake  for the  best GRANDSON, ALAN — – and since this “Birthday Party”  was for him – – he was giving his  approval   – – as he  over looks the last minute preparations.

When I saw this PHOTO – – I just had to die laughing – – as I remember seeing “JULIA CHILD” bending over as you see me – – because as you hit the older years in LIFE – – looks like the straight back … takes a good bend forward .

That bending  seems to just creepe up … on us senior citizens – – as we approach the beyond  “GOLDEN” years.

Many… years ago – – I would watch “JULIA CHILD” in her cooking shows – – and always thought that she really enjoyed all of the cooking that she did.

In fact – I even had to buy her book, “The FRENCH CHEF”  – – and that is one of the very many books on cooking – – that I have. – – –  Years ago… when I would be in the KITCHEN – and my MOTHER would be there, too – – she would remark  to me…  that she thought that I would be talking like “JULIA CHILD” – – I did not think so – – but I do have one of those voices – – that when…  you hear it – – you will remember me!

Getting back to “ALAN’s” BIRTHDAY PARTY…  we had a very good time – and everyone liked that cake so much – – even some took seconds.

   Something  to think about … a  most important thing that  is happening in our world  TODAY – –  I feel…  that there are lots of FAMILIES – – that will not be celebrating special times  with “GRAND-CHILDREN” – – as  FAMILIES  are… cutting down… on having  children… so it seems  to me…  this world  will soon have a  shortage of children.

When I was a small child… in school – – there was the saying… “The FAMILY that PRAYS together… STAYS TOGETHER!”   Something that I have not heard in a very long time!  

 Every day…  I give THANKS to the ALMIGHTY… since HE gave to me the best children and “GRAND-CHILDREN” – – something that I wish more people could  or even would say…  and  – also be so very  grateful to our CREATOR – – for all the wonderful gifts we receive daily – – and… that  starts with our very own FAMILY!

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