“Remember those SONGS, sung with LOVE forever”

“Lee would sing this song to ME… with LOVE”



“There was one extra special thing  – – that…  I would just  “LOVE”  about…  MY HUSBAND, LEE –

and that was the way he would sing to me.

Somewhere in some box … there is a long playing “reel to reel” tape of my husband, Lee singing and talking and playing the harmonica – –

and if  ever… you have heard  “Dean Martin” sing – –

well … their voices   are almost  a match – –

in the fullness of LOVE – – that you feel when  every word in the song is coming to you – –

with such LOVE  in their voice – –

and caring… that you could just believe – –

that this was right there in HEAVEN – –

 and be hoping that  –  in  every minute – –  

this  minute… would last forever.

When Lee would sing to me – —

I am now guessing that he knew his TIME…

here on EARTH… was short – –

and being older than me – –

he knew  that he would not be able to always be here to sing  as he did – –

and the singing that he could do NOW – –

would have to last for a “LIFE-TIME” – –

and or until we meet again – –

but for as long as I would be here – – and…

until that date for us to be together again – –

a few of his favorite songs – – would just have to last… till then.

“Detective Lee G. Aldrich, Sr.” – –

till we meet again… DV

“Sit  back with ME and enjoy”

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