“Grandma with Her BEST of GIFTS, Grandchildren”

         Perfect  ‘BIRTHDAY”  Day with Grandchildren!


How do you have a “PERFECT  – BIRTHDAY – DAY?”

If tomorrow’s weather will be anything like the weather is today… It will be a most wonderful day, for all of the families  with their wonderful  “GRANDMA” to get together and do something very exciting outside!

 Today is that day… that I must let my “Grandchildren”…  that is if I have not said this before now…  know,  that… “I Have the most wonderful Grand-Children… ever! “

If I didn’t know better – I would think – looking at this prize photo,  taken with my Grand-Children – that we were in the Photographer’s Studio – just everything in its place as we are seated together…  in just a most terrific position!

In the Photographer’s Studio, they have room settings that you can pick and choose … that which would be more suitable for this extra  special occasion, so that you  will want the whole wide world, to see  you, and also the Photo is taken so that you and your family will always remember this very extra  special occasion date …

But only you and the family will really know… how  you prepared with the “family member” that had that good eye… just to make this PHOTO … a one of a kind to be remembered now, and forevermore! 

Well – as I am looking, and looking and remembering and  in doing so,  just have to say that, this is by-far…  one of the very best  of photos taken of the three Grand-Children and ME.

  And  also… as of today… that I am also a “Great  Grand Grandma” as I was Blessed with  two of the best  of all “Great Grandchildren,”  and also… as when given this chance to do so… I do like to brag in that department, when given that chance  and it seems to be such  a long time –

We all know, that as long as we are alive and living, that there is  someone above,  and that would be our Creator,  must have been putting each  of us  in just that right spot … for  that time  and a program to follow… to receive those extra special Blessings, that HE will send to us…  and that being…  only the most wonderful of  wonderful … “Great Grandchildren”!

While looking at this PHOTO  and checking out  for a minute or two … almost looks  like  someone special did some magic with our eyes, and painted us in with beautiful faces – just looking so perfect for the camera  – to put together a terrific memory that we will just love to look at… and to share with more family and friends.

In  my “BOOK”  – I can say,  that this is  a miracle – only because so many photos taken of ME…  just are not the terrific photos, that I would like to share with family and friends…  so for this,  once in a “LIFE-TIME” – this picture has ME… now saying … the above photo is a real treasure to me!

Thank you, Almighty Yahweh, for putting each of your creations in just the right spot –  as You have designed,  from the  very beginning of  all  TIME  – and until  our scheduled  LIFE-TIME return to YOU!

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  • Alyssa Leverenz says:

    🥰🥰🥰 Thank you, Almighty Yahweh, for putting each of your creations in just the right spot – as You have designed, from the very beginning of all TIME – and until our scheduled LIFE-TIME return to YOU! 💖

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