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Just have to talk about “Birthday Cakes” and check out this one that I made for my son, AL… and it was a souper duper one… if I say so myself!

When “Senior Citizens” have a “BIRTHDAY”… now, I am referring to myself… only, because at last… I can claim status in that category… as those years just seem to accumulate…  when you are going through all of those  “extra” many years … at least,  that is what I am  being told!

My very good LUCK is to have a “Birthday” on the very same day as another family member… and that family member is just so much younger than…  “Poor ole ME!”

So… just in case you and your family have a similar situation… you may want to follow what we did this year… and you may just like it…. if you  also like lots of  “CAKE!”

Since the “BIRTHDAY” is on a week day, when most have to work… we were “all”  of the families … invited to one of the family homes for a “Sunday Birthday Party” for the both of us … that will be getting  just one year older in the  next week.

As per usual… we each had some “Cake” to take  home and enjoy as we wait for another day, that being the correct “Birthday date” to hit the calendar!

The “13th”… as LUCKY as it is… shows up… just like clock work… and we each have a “Birth DAY Party” at home  with family.

Then … two days later ” we” the “Birthday people”… have another  “BIRTHDAY PARTY” at the home of the youngest  of the two “Birthday” people…. and you did guess it right!

The most exciting thing about having a “BIRTHDAY party” is that extra special “BIRTHDAY CAKE!”

It seems…  that I may have said out loud, a long time ago… that I like  good “CAKES”.

So… at each and every party that I attend… it just seems that I do enjoy a nice size piece of cake and a very nice serving of the Ice Cream, and have never ever said… that I could not take an extra piece or two home with me … when  was leaving.

Now that I have had… all of that extra “CAKE and Ice Cream”… I am so happy to say …. I have done a very job and finally finished each and every piece  of cake, and now  I feel like … I have jumped up one extra year… celebrating my “BIRTHDAY” so many  extra times this year… maybe, I could even say… that I am even older than I look!

Just have one more thing to add… I do believe that eating all of that extra special cake and ice cream does help you, to strive to do your best all year long… so that you now have all  of the extra energy you need… to do all of those things you have been forgetting to do … over those so many long and glorious years… it just seems like “FUN” now … when you do accomplish lots of extras… that you never gave a second thought to… before!

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