“When You receive an Invitation… DO GO”

“Did “YOU” – miss out…”


Alyssa – MOM – Jaime – having  FUN at Saint Vincent  HOME – Picnic


Another Photo taken in the CHAPEL…

L to R…  Alan – Alyssa  – G.M ALDRICH – Jaime…

Can you think of anything better …

… than to share with your grand-children – the Orphanage –  that you lived in  “seventy” years ago… and still standing – and as always  – there are children who will need a HOME –  away from  HOME…


Did you ever think  –  that you would attend  a “PICNIC” that was given for all … of the old “GRADUATES”  – of  the ….  German St. Vincent Orphan Home…

… and  them… you meet a girl from your  own graduating class  of 1952???

That   was… only  some 63 years  ago… when you – both  were  young –  and so full of vim and vigor to start a new LIFE – never gave a  thought of conquering the world … 

… but I  do know that –  I have heard that term used in some speeches –  when something is planned – and no one knows who will be there –  what a joy it is –  to find that    – you are welcomed with  friendship  and someone who really does   remember  you –   from  way – back,  and when!

L to R    That would be  “ME”  and standing in the middle is  –  Theresa Wieland-Eckerl and her husband.

The best part of meeting Theresa –  was that she remembered me… so well – that she went into great detail about one of our class assignments …and  was so exact – in  what I had said  – in front of the class – for that special “CLASS”  assignment.

I just LOVE when someone is really paying attention to what is going on – and then can remember it so correctly –  almost… and as if  –  it all just happened…    yesterday!

“I hate to…  but…”never the less”… still  have to  –  say this…”  

“But those who received the  “INVITATION”  and did not show up on SUNDAY – the 27th – missed out on a real good time!”


“WOW” and another “WOW”


St. Vincent’s Home Picnic, invitation said to bring your FAMILY…

… so this photo has some of my FAMILY!

This is my son, Al and his two daughters… which are my “GRAND-DAUGHTERS” –  that is  “JAIME” on the left… and then on the right is “ALYSSA” –

 and what better  word than “WOW” can I say???

Oh.. well – how about another  “BIG WOW!”

We, all of us… had FUN and enjoyed  everything and  meeting everyone that…  did show up –  and our rating  –   just to let you know …

that is for those who did not show up…  it was “Excellent” – “TOP DRAWER”  and you might just say  “OFF THE CHARTS!”

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