“The 25th is here …Celebrate with MOMMA”

“MOM will be celebrating another BIRTHDAY”

      “Remembering “MAMA” reading to us”

When we … children in the 1940’s  sre were “LUCKY” – to have a “MAMA”  –  that would take some time to read   – as in those days – there was no “TV” to park your children… in front of… for hours.

WE had in our Living Room… a “Davenport” –  that is a sofa  that would open up –  into a very large bed  – but during the day and  with no company and or relatives from OHIO, that would spend a week or so with us –  we would  all sit in a row –  with  our MOM in the middle and she would start to read to us.

One  extra special thing about my MOM –  was that she would   change her voice…  to indicate a child speaking or whatever the story would require.

Another thing when reading to us… there was no word that she could not say  and every story would come to real, LIFE in our minds… as we could see exactly  what the “author” of that book wanted us to see  and  to really understand fully,  the  whole story.

The one story that…  I  really  remember more so than any other is  of  the little “Hiawatha” … especially  when MOM would be reading… 

 A much-anthologized excerpt begins:  

   “On the shores of Gitche Gumee, / Of the shining Big Sea Water, / Stood Nokomis, the old woman, / Pointing with her finger westward, / O’er the water pointing westward, / To the purple clouds of sunset.”

  and as this was coming to LIFE  –  those poems of “LONGFELLOW” …  just  found a permanent place in my brain …  so that when I had my children and they were very young…

I also bought the  same book… “HIAWATHA”  … and my MOTHER also read the same story…  just the way she read it to me  and my brothers, and to this day…  I still have the book,  as worn out as it is…  it is a real treasure to me!

For those that want an idea of this great story of little “HIAWATHA” – – have it added right here, for you … listen if you like?


Image result for story of hiawatha book

With out …  looking for my old copy of  “HIAWATHA”  the above cover… take a look and see if you also have this wonderful book for children, too. 

The pld above  cover … sure  does look just  like the cover of my   old 50 years  and  or more  … keep “safe”  and a  “keepsake”  book.

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