“Remembering a very Happy and Young MARIE”

“Marie Brady at age 13”

This  is  another of those old  – (over 100 years old)  –  PHOTOS… that just does not seem to have much LIFE in… to last much longer, and  before it completely fades away…  just thought,  that I would give it one more shot, just to see…  if we can view the faces better, as “I  LOVE the fact…  that my “MOM”…  “to be”… is so cute!”

Lots of things will happen  between the date of this PHOTO and my BIRTH.     “America”  has not as yet  entered in the “First  World War” … and the “Roaring Twenties” has not as yet  “hit the scene” … and  young  “Marie”  has not completed  “GRADE SCHOOL” and of course my “FATHER  to be”…has not come  back from the  “WAR” situation…

And then…  on that “TRAIN to St.Louis…”  coming from ” CALIFORNIA”  destination to   “OHIO” in traveling,  met  a  “Mr. FLEMING, a cousin” …  who invites  “Mr. McClarren”  to celebrate their “home-coming” with all of  his   “BRADY clan”  in “MISSOURI” …  before continuing his trip to “OHIO” … and of course…  at that large gathering…  there  “DENNY”  meets   “MARIE”!

“WOW” and another  “WOW”!

In the above PHOTO is “Irene Brady Riley” sister to  “MARIE”   and the lady in the center a cousin, and  or she could be the wife of the eldest brother,  “JIM BRADY” …  and the little girl  seated on the left…  could be their  adopted  daughter, JIMMY BRADY ,  and so many years later…

I met her when she was married to  Mr. Shilling, and living in “FLORIDA.”   The boy seated on the right is unknown to me… at this time.

When looking at  “old photos” …  and we know … what has happened since…  good – bad…  indifferent…   there must be a reason…  that we do not know – – all the stuff in LIFE – – that  “will happen” …  if  we continue…  on the “PATHS” we took and or take… in those younger years? ********* 

 “We just could not move another step!”    D.V.

Marie & Family 001

Seated…”MOM’… “Neighbor and a good friend”… “Marie, and very young and living at home with MOM and POP” … and standing is “POP, Mr. Thomas F. Brady, himself”

Marie Brady – 1918


Miss Marie Brady  – Today is her  121st –  Birthday!

This  PHOTO  on the back side…is stamped that if you want more copies of this “PHOTO”…   the charge is $1.00 or 6 copies for $5.00 –

 “Now you have an idea of how old the photo is.”

I always,  liked this photo of my  Mother  “Marie Brady McClarren” …  but she did not like it… why ??? 

She did not say   and I  could – never get a reason?

So, today in Heaven…  I know that they are singing and dancing …  dancing the “Charleston”,  that was MARIE’s  favorite dance during  the “Roaring Twenties” and those  days of the “FLAPPERS”… they must have really  been having fun for those… who  did like to kick up their heels?

“Happy Birthday” …  to the  “BEST of  MOTHERS … and wishing lots and many more happy Birthdays in Heaven!


 If only they made cameras that would be perfectly focused in,  on that…  extra special  subject, my MOM to be, way back  and then,  in the 1930’s?

If  –  “Marie” did mot have to be the one child in the “Brady Family” that had to be the “Care-taker” of the older “PARENTS” …   since they did not have  that “Social Security”  thing,  set up way back then…  maybe we would have had the chance to get to know our MOTHER when she was much younger?

But of course, we do not have that choice to make,  as we  have been “thought of ” – way before the ‘world’  was a reality – – and we are only the “creatures” …  and never  have been,  the “CREATOR” of this universe. 

Everything had been in  a special  plan of the Creator and only by the “CREATOR”  as we read in the BIBLE  “Psalm 139”.

So, I am very  well pleased,  with the way everything has been and is going according to a plan and we just need to learn to be content with what we have and have received.

And then…  to do our part to help to make everything better for our neighbor as our self … and without complaining.

“Who in the world likes to hear constantly,  from a big complainer – any way?”

There was an old saying so long ago …  forgot who started promoting it …  but it goes like this…

“The LORD helps those that help themselves” … and of course most people took that the wrong way  but,  if you give a thought or two about it … it means that if you  can help someone along the road to Eternity… instead of only doing for yourself , you will be receiving so much more help in your own needs.

Because …  when someone is only receiving and never giving… his empty hand will cause such “backache” …  that there is no healthy  LIFE for  such a stingy one.

“In giving,  we receive  more Blessings from our CREATOR, and that is what is most important  for us … on this trip to our Eternal Reward!”     

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