“I Certainly Do Feel Like a Dunce”

When you are going to High School and that School requires that you wear a uniform… and then… one day there is a Bus strike… what do you do?

When you have a “Bus Strike” … you have a big problem for a whole lot of people… all those that depend on that “Bus” being at that corner… every day and at that… right time of day.

Back in that day of  of the early 1950’s … there were more people depending  solely on that “Bus” being their only transportation to  work and to school and back to their homes… and to the downtown stores and any and all entertainment.

That “BUS” being at that designated corner everyday and at all those assigned hours to pick up and deliver all theses’ hundreds of people each and every day… to their correct designations.

So… I am in High School and the radio announces that there is a “BUS” strike… “What in the world … do I do?


Freshman 001

“I just had, to have my MOM take a picture of me on… my bike!”

Just had to add that “Dunce cap”  to my head… as this was going to be some kind of a real challenge  for me… since I live so far from Rosati-Kain High School on Lindell Boulevard.

From the vicinity of Carter and Linton Avenue… and then travel  going  South along Vandeventer … Southwest till… I run into Lindell Boulevard.

So… wearing a skirt on a boy’s bike  and then having to balance my school books and lunch in a separate container of some kind… that is if I took the time to prepare something.

Thinking back to those days … riding a bike to school several days in a row… there must have been some curious people just waiting to see… if I could make it to school each and everyday and on this bike… with a load of stuff that…  and just waiting to see if I would loose something and then…  maybe  have to make a stop or two on the way… to stop and pick up stuff that fell off the bike… as there would be one day a week… that I would  need my GYM clothes to change into…  and then there was always something different going on… to  be in need of…

Just always had to be prepared  for that, one unknown thing …I would need at school… and on that particular day… at school 

But I was for sure … so glad when that “Bus Strike” was over.

More so than any of the other students…. mainly, because I lived so far from the School and then,  all of the different kinds of stuff that,  I did have to remember for that particular day… that I would need.

But one of the most important things on the going to school on my bike each and every day was… that I did not have those  last few minutes to study something  special that… I really needed to remember for a particular class… as I was used to getting very good grades !

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