“The Best of Best GIFTS is Music”

It just seems to me,  that everyone does LOVE Music!

While we were living in Fort Lauderdale Florida… there was a Restaurant that also had a Nite Club named “Toppers”…  which was having a management change .

Since we were in the restaurant business … with two others restaurants… friends of ours were inquiring of us… to find out if we would also, like to join them with this Restaurant that was located along the North Federal Highway?

My husband LEE,  and his brother AL, were invited to a meeting regarding this new business to see… if they had the time to take on a new challenge … and most importantly the connections  that you need to make this entertaining business a real hit … with the top entertainers that would bring in the business that this type of business really needed!

Sometimes when you least expect something new and exciting, it  just happens to call on you… to give it a good try  and to flourish… and low and behold… you have omething terrific to work with… that you never ever gave a thought to doing before… but then…in LIFE… that is just what happens … when you least expect something terrific knocking at your door!  

So… on one special occasion, my husband LEE, Sr. did take our young son LEE, Jr. with him … to see and hear all of the things that were going on in the mew restaurant business … they were  together at  “Toppers”  during the day time … while some of the musicians were  working with different instruments… that they would be using…  for the evening entertainment in the evenings…and one of those men, ask my husband… if his son would be interested in learning to play music?

That was… “Just the right question to ask”… as we were always interested in good music and would like for our children to learn to play music, as it is also… so good for the overall learning of all of the child’s learning at school.

So… for just being in the right place and at that right time in our lives… this man ask if he could bring a small organ over to our home… for our “Little LEE”… to see, if he could teach him how to play the organ and see if he had  any interests in learning to read and play music?

Lee at keyboard 001

So… the above photo… is a photo of our Little LEE when the  above organ was delivered to our home.

Since this happened at just the right age and  correct time in my son’s LIFE… because he was then able to take lessons and  learn to read the music  at an early age… it did  also help in all of his school work through out  all the years he was in school.

At this early age of learning to play  and read music…Lee was also able  at a later date … to join and platy  in  the School Marching Band… and then… later on…Lee was able to take Orgon Lessons from the Instructor  for those that would learn to PLAY the ORGAN in Church!

So I am a firm believer … that all children should learn to play music at the very earliest of age… as it helps with  the developing of all of their learning  at school and  in so very many more things in LIFE!

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